BCS Preliminary bangla (Bengali) literature mcq or short type question and answer preparation-2nd part

bcs bangla preparationIn my last post I have shared BCS Preliminary Bangla Preparation 1st Part. Today I am sharing some more MCQ type short question and answer from Bengali (Bangla) Literature. Recently distribution of 31st BCS exam form is started.   

 আরো দেখতে পারেন  –    ১।বি.সি.এস সাধারন জ্ঞান প্রস্তুতি   

                                   ২।বাংলা প্রস্তুতি-প্রথম পর্ব

                                    ৩।বি.সি.এস ইংরেজী প্রস্তুতি

                                   ৪।বি.সি.এস বিজ্ঞান প্রস্তুতি


BCS Bangladesh Preliminary exam Question and Answer from General Knowledge


It is my  1st post related to BCS Bangladesh General Knowledge Preparation . If you are preparing for BCS Preliminary examination then you may like to check  BCS Bangla Preparation and BCS English Preparation.You may also like to check  BCS General Science Part Preparation.

**For  Better Viewing you must have SolaimanLipi font installed in your computer.

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BCS Preliminary MCQ test Bangla ( Bengali) preparation

bcs bangla preparationToday I am sharing you some MCQ  for the B.C.S  Preliminary test . Before I have shared BCS English Preparation and BCS General Knowledge Preparation. Read them and boost your power to compete in the BCS examination.


*** You must need    SolaimanLipi   font installed in your Computer to see Bengali or bangla font of this post

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Bangladesh BCS Preli Test preparation : General Science in bangla or Bengali

bcs preparation

BCS Preparation

Here I have shared about the General Science portion which you will face in the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Preliminary Examination. Not only in the BCS examination it is also very much important in the
Bank Recruitment examination preparation.

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BCS Preliminary examination preparation : English grammar – analogy with bangla or Bengali meaning

bcs test preparationToday I am sharing about the preparation guide of  Bangladesh Public Service CommissionBCS Preliminary Examination. Here I  have  shared about the English Grammatical Section related to Analogy. I have included Bengali or Bangla meaning of some of the English  word which you may seem hard. If you have any question regarding BCS test preparation feel free to ask by using the comment box below.

*** You must need    SolaimanLipi   font installed in your Computer to see Bengali or bangla font of this post

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