GRE WordList (English to Bengali) Part-4

It’s the time to upload GRE (with Bengali / Bangla meaning) Wordlist Part-4.

If you  are preparing for the GRE  Examination or   trying to buildup their GRE vocabulary, I hope this will be little bit helpful for them.

What I have tried to   include   Bengali (Bangla) meanings of the words included in the following GRE wordlist.

Hope, the following  wordlist of  GRE with Bengali (Bangla) meaning will be helpful for you.

Hope you will  give your  valuable comments in the comment box.

3 Responses to GRE WordList (English to Bengali) Part-4

  1. Netty Gritty says:

    This is a laudable effort. Keep it up! Bangla is my mother tongue, so I am very glad you are taking the time to do this. 😀


    • Thanks for your comments, My mother Tongue is also Bengali, I have a wish to continue with GRE in future, though some of the work is already finished, I will post it gradually.


  2. Mamun Hossen says:

    A lot of thanks for the
    post. Bengali is also
    my mother tongue. I
    have seen your
    valuable topic. Really
    it is very good all of
    us who are junior
    learner in english. This
    is the post which is
    help to increase our
    knowledge and more
    strong in englissh.


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