Job Recruitment Questions on Computer

Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-1.

computer,technology,tech, internetClick Here for  Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2Have you ever faced Bank Recruitment exam? Are you trying or preparing yourself for Government job?

If you are trying to build up your career then this section will be helpful for you.

In any type of Recruitment examination you will be asked to answer various types of questions. For example: General Knowledge, Basic English, Analytical, Computer and Technology, Basic Computer Knowledge, Basic Computer questions etc.

So, whatever the question you may face, but, questions regarding Basic Computer Knowledge and Technology  becomes  common in most of the recruitment examination.

In Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Most of the countries of the world, either in Bank or in any type of  Government or Nongovernment (Private Sector) recruitment examination, question regarding Basic Computer and Technology is must.

Here, I have tried to share some basic interview questions regarding Basic Computer and Technology with solutions which will help you to prepare yourself in the recruitment exam and also will boost your preparation by providing basic computer knowledge.

/***************** Questions with Answer**********************/

Question: What is the elaboration of VOIP?

Answer:    Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Question: E-mail stands for?

Answer:   Electronic mail

Question:Write some common output devices of computer.

Answer:  Monitor, Printer and Speaker.

Question: Give some Example of programming language.


Question: What is YouTube?

Answer: YouTube is a famous video sharing site.

Question:What is WiMax?

Answer :  WiMax is  Wireless Internet Technology.

Question: What is Cyber Super Weapon?

Answer: Cyber Super Weapon is a computer virus.

Question: What is  Palmtop?

Answer: Palmtop is a kind of small computer.

Question: What is XO?

Answer: Tablet Pc

  1. CRT = Cathode Ray Tube
  2. LCD= Liquid Crystal Diode
  3. HTML= Hyper Text Markup Language
  4. DOS stands for Disc Operating System
  5. Oracle is a Data Base Program
  6. Microsoft Excel is a database program
  7. Scanner is an Input Device
  8. Processing speed of computer is measured in Nano Second
  9. The computer uses in operations of mathematics- Binary
  10. The latest version of MS Windows – Windows-7
  11. Computer memory which never erased- ROM


  • The most distinctive difference between a LAN and WAN is- Distance Covered.


  • Writing, editing,storing and printing a document using computer software,are known as- Word Processing Software.


  • The other name of a chip – IC.


  • In general “My Document”  is located at -C Drive.


  • Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, are – Internet Browsing Software


  • The Application that allows millions of people to access the worldwide web daily is called a – web browser


  • World famous Tablet computers are- blackpad, apple IPad, Strick, samsung galaxy,Epad, lePad,sias


  • Octoberr 17, 2010 Google introduce online television


  • Computer Hardware  consists of – CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, cable and their internal devices.


  • Computer Hardware is divided into 3 parts – Input devices, Processor Unit, Output Devices.


  1. The name of different computer storage device are Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Compact Disk.
  2. Submarine Cable is the term used in – Information Technology
  3. Goojje is a Chinese Search Engine
  4. Function of Modem is to convert digital signal to analog signal and also analog signal to digital signal
  5. First computer programmer = lady Adda augusta
  6. OLPC = One Laptop Per Child
  7. 2010 India launches her own web browser named Epic

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  1. For me using a LCD display that uses an IPS panel is necassary. I do a lot of image editing and graphics design, for that reason serving correct colours is critical. It goes without mention the viewing angles of IPS panels are superior. My buddy uses a TN panel display and you are not able to even tilt your head without the colors changing. Presumably OLED displays will come shortly. These even make IPS displays seem bad.


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  3. I need a input card for a computer where I can build a time line that can be recorded 16 inputs and 16 outputs if possible


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