Recruitment Exam Question Bank

Bank Recruitment Exam: Sample Questions on International Affairs

  • Niagra Falls is located in – North America


  • Type of organization is NATO – Military


  • International Labour Organization was established in 1919


  • Green Peace is an Organization dealing with – Environment


  • The next SAARC summit will be held in – Male, Maldives


  • The last SAARC summit was held in Bhutan


  • The city which is known as the City of Canals is – Venice, Italy


  • The country known as the land of midnight sun is  : Norway


  • The biggest desert of the world is – Sahara Desert


  • The World Cup Football 2010 winner : Spain


  • “Lady with the lamp” is Florence Nightingale.


  • Nobel laureate in peace in 2010 – Liu Xiabo


  • “My Life” is the autobiography of – Bill Clinton


  • ” A Journey ” is written by Tony Blair


  • The country with highest population density is – Monaco


  • Ranked the top in 2010 corruption concept index – Somalia


  • South Asian University (SAU) has been established in  New Delhi, India


  • The Headquarter of the  Asian Development Bank is in : Manila


  • The name of Director General of the WTO is Dominic Strauss Kahn


  • Dr. Md Yunus was awarded the Nobel Prize in – Peace


  • Headquarter of IACA (International Anti Orruption Academy)  is in  Laxenburg, Austria


  • Father of Test tube baby: Robert G. Adwards

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