Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Recruitment Exam English section: Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition.

If you ever faced any type of Banking or government job recruitment exam, then this section will be helpful for you.

Here I have tried to share basic fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions which generally arrives in the recruitment exam English section.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition:


  • She said nothing in reply.


  • Shut the windows and keep the cold off.


  • He is too miserly to part with his money.


  • You must conform to the regulations.


  • Contrary to our expectations, he failed in the examination.


  • He assured me of safety.


  • He was at a loss for words.


  • He parted from his friends in tears.


  • The tree has been blown away by the strong wind.


  • I shall adhere to my plan.


  • Kamal repented of his wrong doing.


  • Rahim does not count on my help.


  • Children are warned of danger.


  • Can you put me up for the weekend?


  • I am not good at translation.


  • The team is made up of eleven players.


  • The minister arrived at a decision last night


  • The man died from over eating.


  • He has been ill since Friday last.


  • The cow feeds on grass.


  • One should cling to one’s plan.


  • My opinion coincided with you.


  • Put off your shoes before entering the mosque.


  • He divided the money between the two children.


  • We are on holiday next week.


  • The house was on fire, because the heater had overturned.


  • It is exactly 5 p.m by my watch.


  • I told him to come to the house.


  • The girl has no ability of painting.


  • She has anxiety about her child.


  • Mr.Karim welcomed the delegats to the conference.


  • The principal had an inquiry into the case.


  • Please put the book at the table.


  • I was angry at the result.

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