Recruitment Exam Question Bank

Bank Job Preparation: International Affairs

  • Founding member of the United Nations -51


  • “Democracy square” is located in – Pnompen,Combodia


  • The largest state of the USA – Alaska


  • The secretariat oof IAEA is Vienna, Austria


  • The target year of achieving  the Millenium Development Goal is-2015


  • Father of “Green Revolution”- Norman Borlaug


  • The name of Commonwealth’s latest member state- Rwanda


  • Election system of the USA is called to the- first past the post system


  • World’s biggest problem according to BBC report – poverty


  • Plato was a citizen  of- Greece


  • Times person of the year  2010- Neda Soltan


  • Independence day of the USA- 4th July


  • The peace memorial park is in – Hiroshima, Japan


  • The name of the first central bank of the world – Bank of England


  • The expression “Grand Slam” is connected with – Tennis


  • “Puscus Award” is related to the game of- Football


  • The first South Asian Games was held in – 1984,Nepal


  • The national game of UK is – Cricket


  • The largest planet in the solar system- Jupitar


  • Elaboration of LCD is – Liquid Crystal Display


  • “Kepler” planet-hunting is a -Telescope


  • A cure for  all disease is – Panacea


  • Two types of commonly used printer are – Dot printer and Laser printer


  • “Soft loan” means – Loan with an artificially low rate of interest


  • The first nobel laureate in Economics – Ranger Firsch and Jan Tinbergen


  • Income tax is a kind of – Direct tax


  • Due to inflation purchasing power of money – decreases

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