Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

All About Basic Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Prepositions.

I am related to him.

She met me on Friday.

Tamim is occupied with his books.

The house is made of brick.

Gazi went away before dinner.

The book is being read by him.

I can not agree with your proposal.

Paul is destitude of any friend.

Jimy prefer milk to tea.

He desisted from the attempt.

He insisted on my going.

I do not demur to your request.

He looks after his old parents.

It is a confession of weakness.

Suddenly she bursts into tears.

We condole with him on his loss.

We should not hanker after money.

The man could not conceive of such cruelty.

The student is busy at his desk.

I must adhere to my principles.

The lady is clothed in white.

He is capable of solving the problems.

Rasel wants a certificate of character.

I am angry with my younger brother.

I am aware of the fact.

His style of writing is not appropriate to his subject.

Life may be compared to flower.

He was well into his work.

The author was astonished at Jerry’s integrity.

I required a loan of him.

He was destined to death.

We should take proper caution against aids.

I found a clue to the mystery.

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