Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

BCS Test Preparation: Fill in the gaps || Question and Answer

BCS exam Bangladesh Preparation If you are preparing yourself for Bangladesh Civil   Service (BCS) professional exam  then this section will be helpful for you. Here I have shared with you some fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition which will help you to boost your preparation.  This section is also helpful for Bank Job Recruitment exam, Government or Non-Government Recruitment exam and also for students.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition:

He was sentenced to death.

It is a story of love at first sight.

In winter people bask in the sun.

She is vain of her dress.

The lady is not amenable to reason.

Bangladesh is rich in natural gas.

Always be prepare for the work.

He rescued the child from danger.

I can not part with my pen.

Our path is beset with difficulties.

We are still short of fund.

A tax was imposed on cigarettes.

I told you about the book.

He was about to die.

Tom hit upon an excellent idea.

I ran to her.

I failed to cope with the new environment.

We all mourn for him.

Poverty is often an obstacle to higher studies.

His action is contrast  to his profession.

Your plan is open to objection.

A sinner has to atone for his sins.

I have no taste for music.

He entered into the room.

He was absent from the meeting.

He pretended to madness.

I have no appetite for food.

I have no objection to the proposal.

A lazy boy always despairs of success in life.

Students should have regard for their teachers.

UPDATE: Includes – New Fill in the Blanks and Grammar for BCS Test Preparation

No one can ____________ that he is clever .
Answer: Deny

The ministers arrived __________ a decision last night .
Answer : at

He is devoid ______ common sense.
Answer: of

He ran fast lest he _________ miss the train.
Answer : should

What are you so angry ______?
Answer : for

To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced ________.
Answer : Diet

English grammar is not ________ to understand.
Answer: too difficult

If we want concrete proof, we are looking for ——?
Answer: Clear Evidence

When a character speaks his thoughts alone it is called —–?
Answer: Soliloquy

When something is out of its time it is called ——–?
Answer: anachronism

I don’t know what she is talking _______.
Answer: about

In what way is your job _______ than mine?
Answer: better

In case _______ fire, leave the building.
Answer: of

He fantasized _________ winning the lottery.
Answer: about

Grammar For BCS Test Preparation

The meaning of the word “obese” is – very fat

“Prior to” means – before

“Paediatric” relates to the treatment of – children

The word “ecological” is related to –environment

“Maiden Speech” means – first speech

“Out and Out means” thoroughly

A “ pilgrim” is a person who undertakes a journey to a – Holy Place

“Razzmatazz” means —- a noisy exciting activity

“Salarium” is a Latin word that means —— Salary

“Bill of fare” is a —– list of dishes at restaurant.

The word “imbibe” means —- to drink

“An Ordinance” is a —- law

“Bottomline” means —– the essential point

Handsome is that handsome ————–does.

The verb of the word “shortly” is —- shorten

The noun of the word “waste” is —-wastage

“Stand Up” is – imperative sentence

“Through thick and thin” means – Under all conditions.

19 thoughts on “BCS Test Preparation: Fill in the gaps || Question and Answer”

  1. i know there r some verbs after which we need not to use preposition if the verb is used as the verb in the sentence. such as- he entered the room; i joined the party, i will met him tomorrow etc. but here this site used preposition after the verb ‘enter’


    1. Dear Nazrul Islam

      He entered into the room … is correct. into is normally used after “entered

      For example:

      I joined in the party . Here “in” is used. But , in modern english, sometimes this preposition is ommited. So you can also say “I joined the party”. So, “I joined in the party” and “I joined the party” both will be right.


      1. Dear friends,
        In the sentence ” He entered into the room.” preposition “into” will not be correct because when ‘enter’ means to go or come in then enter takes no preposition but when enter means to start some work especially any discussion then enter takes the preposition into:” as in the sentence ‘At last we entered into the discussion’.Ok?
        Am I right? Look up the dictionary to know it.


  2. it is a good system for learning in the internet. it will be better for those kinds of people want to expand their knowledge. so that’s why should give more & more exercise for learning. wish u long long live u.


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