Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Recruitment Examination English Section: Fill in the blanks with articles and others.

Here I have shared some more fill in the blanks related to English Section of Recruitment Exam. Helpful resource for Students, Bank Job Recruitment Preparation, BCS Test exam, Job Interview written test. Read the following fill in the blanks and hope it will help you to boost your Recruitment exam preparation.

A pen is mighter than the sword.

Mr.Brown is  a European.

I can do it in an hour.

This is a unique opportunity.

Kindness is a great virtue.

I caught him by the hand.

Iqbal was an eminent poet.

The book was first published in 1983.

My friend had left before I came.

I have been living here since 1980.

He has been ill since Friday last.

When water freezes it turns into ice.

The sun is shining  in the eastern sky.

Mr.Rahman is the best teacher in the school.

I will phone you  when I get the news.

I saw him a long ago.

The more expensive the hotel the better the service.

Sunday is not a holiday for us.

He took the bull by the horns.

He lives a comfortable life.

No article is needed before a pronoun.

The beef we had for dinner last night was excellent.

Sohel is the smaller of the two boys.

Do not use obscene language.

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