Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Recruitment Test Preparation: Fill in blanks with appropriate preposition.

Recruitment Examination English PreparationToday, I am going to share some more fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition which will help you to boost your Recruitment examination preparation.

The following fill in the blanks is helpful resource for  Job Interview Preparation, Written examination, Students, BCS Test Exam, and any type of Government and Non-Government Recruitment examination.


 His brain is fruitful in clever trick.

He demanded the amount of me.

He excels in painting.

He has no desire for wealth.

Health is essential to succeed in life.

He made a mess of the whole thing.

My heart revolts against her behavior.

I vouch for his honesty.

He ran at the top of his speed.

I shall abide by her wishes.

The play was adapted from the French.

He aspired after the highest rank.

Everyone is hankering after money.

Please bear this in mind.

He is a let to crack down.

I gazed at her.

The snake gazed at the ancient mariner.

Tennyson deeply mourned for his friend.

He made her shy of him.

We are still shy of funds.

Act in accordance with my advice.

We  eat in order to live.

The cow lives on grass.

I shall prefer her to world.

This confroms to practice.

What’s the time by  your watch.

Come by Sunday.

Come within 5 minutes.

I can not make out what he wants to say.

He compares his beloved to a flower.

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