Job Recruitment Questions on Computer

Basic question and answer on Computer and Internet Technology- Part-2

computer technologyHere I am sharing with you some more basic question and answer related to basic computer and Internet technology.

Helpful for: Students, Written Examination, Job Interview Preparation, MCQ Test and Basic Computer Knowledge.

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  • In Y2K  ‘K’ =1000(thousand)
  • In which year computer chip was first used – 1976
  • 1MB = 10 Lac / 1 Million byte
  • First Minicomputer – PDP-1
  • Processing Power of computer is measured in – Nano Second
  • Software = Programs used in computer
  • Hardware in computer is workless without – Software
  • Hybrid computer consists of Analog +Digital computer
  • Computer works with the direction of – Human Being
  • CPU in a computer is divided into – 3 part
  • First Microprocessor is prepared by – Intel
  • In software Industry which country holds the second position – India
  • First laptop was introduced 1985
  • Which company prepares first laptop – Compaq
  • Tangible devices of computer is called – Hardware
  • Error removing procedure from a program is called – Debugging
  • The Microprocessor invented with the collaboration of IBM, Apple and Motorola is called – Power PC


  • The most powerful Micro-computer is – Miniframe
  • The main characteristics of 5th Generation computer is – detection of Human voice and artificial intelligence
  • Computer museum is situated in Atlanta,, USA
  • The computer by which the atmosphere after the atomic bomb blast can be measured – Super Computer
  • HAL-9000 is a Modern Computer
  • Toshiba Libretto 50CT  is a Computer
  • IBM Released its first Micro computer in the market 1981


  • Apple launches its first computer in the market – 1976 

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