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Recruitment Examination Preparation||English Literature||List of Famous Novel, Short Story, Play and their Writers ||Part-2

english novelsToday I am sharing you the 2nd part of famous novel, short story, play and their writers. If you want, you can check also  the 1st Part of this topic.

Here is the List:

Author of ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ Oscar Wilde

The tragic play ‘King Lear‘ is written by –William Shakespeare

Considered to be the father of English proseFrancis Bacon

‘Cowards die many times before their death‘ is quoted by – Julius Caesar

Charles Lamb was – an essayist

Robinson Crusoe’ is written by – Daniel Defoe

Poet of Nature’ in English literature – William Wordsworth

There is a divinity that shapes our ends‘ is expressed from – Hamlet

Considered to be the Rebel Poet in English LiteratureLord Byron

Patriotism‘ is written by – Sir Walter Scott

The author of the novel ‘ Three Musketeers‘ – Alexander Dumas

Literary work ‘The Luncheon‘ by Somerset Maugham is a short story

The God of small Things’ is written by – Arundhuti Roy

George Bernard Shaw is a – Playwright

‘Time, You Old Gypsy Man‘ is written by- Ralph Hodgson

Winston Churchill got the Nobel Prize in Literature1953

T.S Eliot was born in the – USA

The author of the book ‘Dr. Zivago‘ – Boris Pasternak

American female novelist Pearl S.Buck got Nobel (1938) for the book – The Good Earth

Author of ‘ India Wins Freedom‘ – Abul Kalam Azad

Famous novel ‘ War and Peace’ is written by – Leo Tolstoy

Brick Lane‘ is written by – Monica Ali

The Return of the Native ‘ is written by – Thomas Hardy

The Odyssey‘ and ‘ The Iliad‘ are written by – Homer

The Waste Land‘ is written by – T.S. Eliot

Lady Chatterley’s Lover‘ is a novel is a novel written by – D.H.Lawrence

Christopher Marlowe was an – English Playwright and poet.

Author of ‘ Asian Drama‘  – Gunnar Myrdal

Heard Melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter’ is quoted by – John Keats

Alice in the Wonderland‘ belongs to – Juvenile literature

Man is by nature a political animal‘ is quoted by –Aristotle

 Lampoon means a malicious personal satire.

Puffery means criticism which is product of literary cliques.

‘Death, thou shalt not die’ is an example of – paradox

School of literary writings is connected with a medical theory – Comedy of Humours

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