Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Recruitment Examination Written Test: Fill in the gaps, Word Meanings, Spelling Correction, Antonyms and Synonyms|| For Bank, Government and Non-Government Job/Interview.

Recruitment Exam Written TestToday I am sharing you some basic question and answer related to Bank Recruitment written test , Government and Non-Government/ Probationary Job. In the written test, you will  face questions  on Antonyms, synonyms, sentence correction, word meanings, correct spelling and more  depending on company policy. In this section I have shared sample of them. I will  share more in the near future.

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Fill in the gaps:

The boarder kept the cabin key to the hotel manager.

My father insisted on my going to Khulna.

Don’t dwell on past mistakes.

He is superior to me.

There is a bridge over the river.

I count on your help.

The Principal had an inquiry into the case.

Are you confident of your performance?

My friend reposed his trust in me.

Money is not the solution to every problem.

The young woman was dressed in rare silk.

The Chairman presided over the senate meeting.

He is devoid of sense.

Word Meanings

  • He showed great enthusiasm contrary to what his supervisor had expected. Ans: Opposite to
  • The condemned prisoner was given a reprieve.    Ans: Pardon
  • We had to put up with the inconvenience.            Ans: Endure
  • I could barely make out the traffic signs through the rain. Ans: Discern
  • We kept notes of everything that transpired at the meeting. Ans: Happened


Correct spelling







Ratify –  Negate

Apathy – Care

Extract – Insert

Clarity – Confusion



Counsel – Advice

Ambiguous – Unclear

Relent – Succumb

Ardent – Eager

Solicit -Seek

Updates – For Recruitment Examination Written Test

My friend ______ before I came
a) would be leaving b) had been leaving c) had left d) will leave
Answer: c)had left

We (to write) in the examination hall
a)writing b)write c)shall be writing d) written
Answer: b)write

Do not make a noise while your father __________?
a) is sleeping b)has slept c)asleep d) is being asleep
Answer: a) is sleeping

He ran fast lest he ______ miss the train.
a)can b)may c)should d)might

Would you mind ______ a folk song?
a)for b) singing c)sing d)in
Answer:b) singing

He will compensate you _____ the loss.
a)of b)to c)for d)with

You should drive the car at a speed compatible ______ safety.
a)for b)towards c)at d) with
Answer:d) with

A synonym of ‘resentment’ is-
a)fear b)indignation c)panic d)anger

The correct speling is–
a)aborence b)abhorence c)abhorrence d)abhorance

The meaning of “magnanimity” is —
a)meanness b)generosity c)selfishness d)splendid

Which is not a play?
a)The tempest b)Othello c)King Lear d)Pride and Prejudice
Answer:d)Pride and Prejudice

Mistakes should be pointed _____ in a student’s work.
a)in b)up c)out d)on

He fantasized _____ winning the lottery.
a)with b)from c)afer d)about

If I ___ you, I would start looking for another job.
a)was b)were c)am d) have been

Choose the correct (passive) form of “Who will do the work?”
a)Whom will the work be done?
b)Who will done the work?
c)By whom will the work be done?
d)By whom will the work do?
Answer:c)By whom will the work be done?

Which of the following sentence is correct?
a)One of my friends are a lawyer.
b)One of my friends is a lawyer.
c)One of my friend is a lawyer.
d)One of my friends are lawyers.
Answer:b)One of my friends is a lawyer.

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