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Recruitment Exam written test: Right form of Verb, voice, narration, sentence correction and appropriate preposition. Part-2.

bank job preparationHere I am sharing the 2nd part of  question and answer on Job Recruitment exam written test. Here I have included Right Use of verb, Appropriate Preposition, Voice, Narration and Sentence correction. All of these  are necessary  for the recruitment examination.

Helpful for : students, bank job preparation, recruitment exam written test and more.

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Use of verb


We are looking forward to (hear) from you. Ans – hearing.

It  is high time you stopped (smoke). Ans -smoking

It (rain) since last night. Ans- has been raining


His choice of words (be) excellent. Ans- was


This room needs to be (renovate). Ans- renovated

He talks as if he (be) lame. Ans- were

It’s no use (talk) to him. Ans- Talking


Appropriate preposition


The son takes after his father.

I am ashamed of your conduct.

A student must be amenable to discipline.

He is absorbed in thoughts.

I feel pity for him.

I am not bad at tennis.

He is capable of doing it.




Q. They laughed at us.

Ans. We were laughed at by them.

Q. The landlord instructed the mason.

A. The mason was instructed by the landlord

Q. The lesson is being imparted by the teacher.

A. The teacher is imparting the lesson.

Q. I know him.

A. He is known to me.

Q. The news will shock you.

A. You will be shocked at the news.

Q. He killed himself.

A. He was killed by himself.

Q. I offered him a job.

A. He was offered a job by me.




Q. He said, “Man is mortal”.

A. He said that man is mortal.

Q. My father said to me, “Read attentively”.

A. My father advised me to read attentively.

Q. The old woman said to him,”God bless you”.

A. The old woman prayed that God might bless him.

Q. He said, “Good Morning, Maria.”

A. He wished Maria Good Morning.

Q. He said to me,”Let us go there together.”

A. He proposed to me that we should go there together.

Q. I said to her, ” Could you give me a cup of tea?”

A. I requested her to give me a cup of tea.

Q. The holy man said, “May peace prevail.”

A. The holy man prayed that peace might prevail.




Q. Maria is fond to read novels.

A. Maria is fond of reading novels.

Q. He insisted me to go there.

A. He insisted on my going there.

Q. He has come home yesterday.

A. He came home yesterday.

Q. He is my cousin brother.

A. He is my cousin.

Q. The boy knows to read.

A. The boy knows how to read.

Q. He refrained to do this.

A. He refrained from doing this.

Q. I prefer to read than to write.

A. I prefer reading to writing.

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