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Question and Answer from Bank Job Recruitment Written Test or MCQ examination|| International Affairs, Grammar, Science and Technology, English Literature||For Probationary officer, officer cash, senior officer.

Bank Job BangladeshToday I am sharing you some Question and  answer for Bank Recruitment Written Test.

 Here I have shared question and answer from  International Affairs, fill in the gaps, English Literature.  This section is very important for Bank job or any other type of  Government or Non-Government Recruitment examination.  You may also like to check Basic Question and Answer on Computer and Internet TechnologyCheck  Below the Question and Answer.

Question and Answer from English Literature


  • To be or not to be‘ is the beginning of a famous soliloquy from – Hamlet.


  • The father of English PoemGeoffrey Chaucer


  • Francis Bacon is an – Essayist


  • ‘Renaissance’ means – the revival of learning


  • Elizabethan tragedy is centered on – Revenge


  • Most famous satirist in English literatureJonathan Swift


  • A lexicographer is a person who writes – dictionaries


  • The father of English Novel – Daniel Defoe


  • The English Poet who addicted to opiumS.T. Coleridge


  • The Golden Age of English Literaturethe Elizabethan Age


  • The author of the book ‘Asian Drama ‘ is – Gunnar Myrdal


  • Protagonist indicates –the leading character in a play


  • A sonnet is a poem having fourteen lines


  • ‘Blank Verse’ is a kind of verse –having no rhyming end


  • The real name of O’HenryWilliam Sydney Porter.


  • To Daffodils‘ is written by – Robert Herrick


  • Goethe is the greatest poet of – Germany


  • Romeo and Juliet‘ is a tragedy


  • A Passage to India‘ is written by – E.M Forster


  • William Blake was both -a poet and painter


  • The full name of the tragedy ‘Dr.Faustus‘ – The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus



Grammatical Section  Fill in the gaps:


  • Man has no escape from death.
  • A drowning man catches at a straw.
  • Alcohol is injurious to health.
  • I cannot part with the man.
  • The girl looks after her grandmother.
  • She  was sliding into depression.
  • A style of reporting must confirm to the prevailing practice.
  • He is not ashamed of his mistake.
  • He died from over eating.
  • I count on your help.
  • People usually differ in their opinions.
  • Ali is the stronger of the two brothers.
  • We shall return before the sun sets.
  • When water freezes it turns into ice.
  • Do not interfere with nature.



Question and Answer From   Science and Technology


  • Full form of ‘CNG’ is – Compressed Natural Gas


  • A bit is binary representation and can take either of the two values – 0 or 1


  • Chemical name of Alum used for purifying water is – Aluminum Sulphate


  • Steam Engine was invented by – James Watt


  • Electricity consumption or use is measured in – KWH ( Kilo Watt per hour)


  • The remotest planet in the solar system – Neptune


  • The natural temperature of human body in Celsius scale is -36.9 degree Celsius


  • We receive Vitamin D from – Sunshine


  • The most distinctive difference between a LAN and a WAN is – Distance covered


  • Earthquakes are recordedSeismograph


  • The longest day is in the month of – June


  • ‘IRATOM’ is a – One kind of highbred rice


  • In nature the hardest material -diamond


  • ‘Red Planet’ is called – the Mars


  • A device that reads text and images directly into computer is called – Scanner


  • WWW stands for – World Wide Web


  • The apparatus to measure purity of milk is – Lactometer


  • MS Excel is a – Spreadsheet Software


  • ‘My Document’  by default located at – C Drive


  • Father of the personal computer/ computingDr. Henry  Edward



Question and Answer from International Affairs


  • Name of the European common currencyEuro


  • OIC is established in – 1969


  • The first postage stamp in the world – Penny Black


  • Pearl Harbor, where the American Pacific Fleet was stationed, was attacked by Japanese in – 1941


  • The second largest Muslim Country in the world  is – Pakistan


  • The most importer country in the world – the USA


  • The name of the organization working worldwide  against corruption – Transparency International


  • The world’s largest nuclear power station – Kashiwazaki Kariwa(Japan)


  • SAARC Agriculture Information Centre (SAIC) is situated in – Dhaka


  • Largest city of IndiaMumbai


  • Reuters is a – News Agency


  • The largest tea exporter country  in the worldSri Lanka


  • The Headquarters of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) – Jeddah


  • Number of Permanent members of UN Security Council is – 5


  • Previous name of JapanNippon


  • ‘Line of Control‘ -is situated between – India and Pakistan


  • Elaboration of IBSA is – India, Brazil and South Africa


  • Wall Street is – The Stock Exchange Market in New York.


  • The name of Indonesian CurrencyRupiah


  • The World Bank is an – International Financial Institution


  • IDA, organization of the World Bank is known as the -‘Soft Loan Window’


Computer Knowledge


The brain of a computer – Micro Processor

CAD stands forComputer Aided Design

Key Board of a computer is an Input Device

Unix is an –Operating System.

A computer virus is a computer program

“ORACLE” is a –database software

RAM in computer stands for – Random Access memory

The “ Add or Remove” programs utility can be found in – Control Panel

“Windows” is a computer software developed by “Microsoft Corporation”

Opera, IE (Internet Explorer),Mozilla, Google Chrome are – Internet Browsing Software


International Affairs


Second Largest (area) country in the world – Canada

East and West Germany were united in the year – 1990

The preferential trade arrangements among the SAARC countries are known as –SAPTA

‘Port Blayer’ island is in Indian Ocean

Name of the currency of BruneiBrunei dollar

Capital of BruneiBandar Seri Bhagwan

“Tahrir Square “ is located inCairo, Egypt

“Sejm” is the name of the Parliament of – Poland

Name of the father of modern democracy – John Locke

Fiscal year of USA starts in -1st October

“Knesset” is the name of the parliament of – Israel

“SABENA” is a famous airline of Belgium

Old Name of “Ethiopia”Abyssinia

Name of the architect of Sydney Opera HouseJohn Utzon (Denmark)

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