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Written Exam Preparation: Sentence Correction||Wrong use of article|| Choose the correct Sentence

Sentence Correction and Wrong use of article

As you know Sentence Correction becomes a part and parcel in the written test for university admission, recruitment examination, Bank job examination and Job Interview questions and answer. Today I am sharing some sentence correction related to wrong use of Article.  I have a wish to share more about other types of sentence correction. Just Check Out the examples of sentence correction or wrong use of articles below.

Sentence Correction and Wrong use of Articles examples


Inc: Himalayas are in Tibet.

Cor: The Himalayas are in Tibet.

Inc: I was elected the captain.

Cor: I was elected captain.

Inc: Mili worked all day.

Cor: Mili worked all the day.

Inc: I will go to your place in near future.

Cor: I will go to your place in the near future.

Inc: Oranges are sold by dozen.

Cor: Oranges are sold by the dozen.

Inc: Starvation stared us in face.

Cor: Starvation stared us in the face.

Inc: Daily star is a popular daily.

Cor:The  daily Star is a popular daily.

Inc: He tried for third time.

Cor: He tried for the third time.

Inc: Rich are not always happy.

Cor: The rich are not always happy.

Inc:Let’s go out for walk.

Cor:Let’s go out  for a walk.

Inc : I have headache.

Cor: I have a headache

Inc: He is in temper.

Cor:He is in a temper.

Inc: Don’t make noise.

Cor: Don’t make a noise.

Inc : You should not be in hurry.

Cor :You should not be in a hurry.

Inc: They went for picnic.

Inc: He is M.A in English.

Cor:He is an M.A in English.

Inc: This is really unfortunate action.

Cor:This is really an unfortunate action.

Inc: The function came to end.

Cor: The function came to an end.

Inc: It is quarter past six.

Cor: It is a quarter past six.

Inc: The boys made fire.

Cor: The boys made a fire.

Inc: He waited here for hour.

Cor: He waited here for an hour.

Inc: He will give answer to the question

Cor: He will give an answer to the question.

Inc : He is fool/coward.

Cor: He is a fool/coward.

Inc: I have lot of work to do.

Cor:I have a lot of work to do.

Inc: He earns good deal of money.

Cor: He earns a good deal of money.

Inc: The piano is in a good situation.

Cor: The piano is in good situation.

Inc: Don’t make a fun of it.

Cor: Don’t make fun of it.

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