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Recruitment Exam Written Test Question and Answer: Replacement of Word, Appropriate preposition, Spelling Correction and General Knowledge.

bank job preparationToday I am sharing some basic question and answer of bank recruitment exam for probationary officer which I have collected from the Mercantile Bank Recruitment examination 2008. Here I have mentioned some of the questions with answer from the  grammatical section i.e Replacement of Word, Appropriate preposition, spelling correction and General Knowledge.


Replacement of word


Instruction : choose the most appropriate replacement from the options given for the underlined word/words of the following sentence

1. He quickly looked   at his watch.

a) searched b) reached c) glanced d) sobbed e) raced

Ans : C – Glanced

2. When her dog died, she cried very hard for half an hour.

a) yelled b)screamed c)sobbed d) raced e)drowned

Ans: B  – Screamed

3. The waiter put mango juice into my glass.

a)filled b)poured c)reached d)threw e)tossed

Ans: B – Poured

4. The similar meaning of CHASTE is

a)Loyal b) Timid c)Curt d)Pure e)Outspoken

Ans: E – Outspoken

Appropriate Preposition:


Instructions: Choose the most appropriate preposition to fill the gaps to complete the sentences


1. He came ________  a noble family.

a)out b) from c) by d)through

Ans : B – From

2. The Buriganga is _________ the south of Dhaka city.

a) in  b) at  c) to  d)around

Ans :-  C  – To

3. I made ______  my mind to go there.

a) into   b) up   c)out   d)in

Ans: B – Up

4. He agreed ______ the proposal.

a) at b)with c)to d)for

Ans: C – To

5.You must atone ____ your sin.

a)at b) with c) to d) for

Ans : D – For

Find the correct Spellings

a ) Liuteant b) Leftenant c)Lieutenant d)Leitenant

Ans : C – Lieutenant

a) Disonance b)Dissonance c) Disconaence d) Dissonence

Ans- B – Dissonance

a) Cesation b)Cessation c)Cesassion d)Ceasation

Ans- Cessation

a) Hetrogenous b) Hetrogeneous c) Heterogeneous d) heterogenous

Ans : C – heterogeneous

a) Colleaue b) Coleague c) Cholleague d) Caleague.

Ans: Colleague

General Knowledge


OMS stands for – Open Market Sale

Main Cause of night blindness is deficiency of Vitamin – A

Which is the nearest planet to the sunMercury

Which one is the most abundant gas in the airNitrogen

The Headquarter of Asian development Bank is situated in –Manila

Name of Malaysian currencyRingit.

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