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Probationary Officer recruitment exam preparation for Banking sector job|| Spelling correction, Synonyms, General knowledge and fill in the gaps.

bank job recruitmen exam for probationary officer

If you have that level of enthusiasm to build your career in banking job then this section is for you.Here I have  shared some basic question and answer  on Spelling Correction, Fill in the gaps, General Knowledge  and Synonyms which will help you to boost your preparation for the probationary officer recruitment exam.  You may also like to read about Basic Question and answer on Internet  Technology.So, start reading from the line below and make you  more competitive in the recruitment exam.


Spelling Correction


Instruction: Choose the word that is correctly spelt

a) Unfare b) Unfair c) Unfaire  d)Unfaer

 Answer :   b  –  Unfair

a) Remittance b) Remmitence c)Remettance d) Remmetence

Answer: a – Remittance

a) Personale b) Parsonnel c)Parsonel d) Personnel

Answer:  d- Personnel

a) Parallel b) Paralell c)Parael d) Parallell

Answer:  a-Parallel

a) Relavent b) Relevant c) Ralevent d) Relevent

Answer: b-Relevant

General Knowledge


Deficiency of Iodine causes goiter.

Andaman Island belongs to which   – India

Which is the Capital City of  Pakistan – Islamabad

Unix is a Operating System.

Vat Stands for – Value Added Tax

The Character “E” in the word “E-mail” stands for –Electronic

Electric bill is calculated in – Kilowatt hour

The acronym GDP stands for – Gross Domestic Product

Where is Darfur- Sudan

PETRONAS Tower  is in Malaysia

JPG is the extension  used for picture files stored in computer.

The word LAN is related to Computer Network

Which is the most suitable  computer program that you can use to prepare your bio-data?- MS Word

Fill in the gaps

Instruction: Choose the correct word or phrase from the given options to complete the sentence.


1. Let’s meet ___ six o’clock

a) in    b) on  c)for  d) at

Answer:  d  –  at

2. Bangladesh  _______ greatly in terms of its cultural  values over the past five years

a)changed   b) is changing   c)had changed   d)will have changed   e)has changed

 Answer:   e – has changed

3. You  ______ in such  trouble if you had listened to my advice

a)hadn’t been   b) aren’t   c) wouldn’t be   d) won’t be   e)weren’t

Answer: c- Wouldn’t be

4. The house is quite similar _____ ours

a)of   b)on   c)for   d)with   e)to

Answer : e- to

5. He was born ____ July

a) in   b)on   c)at   d)to   e)for

Answer :  a – in

6. She caught them while they_____

a)was talked  b)were talking   c) did talked  d) is talking

Answer:  b – were talking

7. I base my conclusions _____ market research.

a)with   b)on   c)from   d)for   e)to

Answer: b – on

8. He was angry ___ me for losing the pen drive

a) with b)upon c)at d)for e)on

Answer:  a- with

 I ______ TV when the telephone rang.

a) watched b)was watching c)are watching d)have watched e) were watching.

Answer: b – was watching


Instruction :  Choose the  word or set of words from the given options that is closest in meaning to the word in capital letter



a) Contaminate  b) Condone  c) Best  d)Large  e) Wide

Answer : c – Best


a) Make Progress b) Encourage c) Effect d) Profuse e) Make certain

Answer :  e-Make Certain


a) Importance b) Neglect c) Overlook d)Inundate e)Ponder

Answer:    a-Importance


a)Solution   b)Question   c)Dissolve   d) Ratify   e) Clarification

Answer :  b – Question


a)Defeat   b)Shortage   c)Complex   d)Plan    e)Flexible

Answer: b-Shortage

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