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Executive officer recruitment test sample question and answer|| Appropriate use of words, fill in the gaps, correct spelling, Correct form of sentences and word formation

executive officerThe following  sample and basic question and answer  I have collected for you from the Far East Life Insurance  Company and today I am sharing it with you. The question pattern in Insurance company is similar to Bank Recruitment exam. So it is helpful for those who are preparing to develop their career in the banking sector.  Students, who are preparing  for any type of admission test is also helpful for them. Read them Below and Prepare Yourself.

Appropriate use of words

Instruction: Replace the word underlined by any of the phrases listed below such that the meaning of the sentence does not change (phrases are given in present form)


1. Because light travels faster than sound, lightening appears to precede thunder.

A ) Go before  B) Ruin Before  C) Go up  D) Follow up

Answer : A  – Go Before

2. Congress respected Jeferson because  of his intelligence and creativity

A)Look Out   B) Look up to    C)Look Upon   D) Look into

Answer:  B – Look up to

3. Some sponges resemble plants.

A) Look like  B)Look Up  C)  See Like  D)Look after

Answer :   A  – Look Like

4. People who have experienced a traumatic event may have recurring images of it.

A) Go about B) Go Through C)Go across D) Go into

Answer: B – Go Through

5. In algebra letters and other symbols represent numbers.

A) Come across B)  Take after  C) Stand For  D) Set Up

Answer: C – Stand For

Fill in the gaps


nstruction: the sentence below are not complete. There are five options for each question. Choose the best pair of words to complete the sentence from the given options:

1   He did not give me ______

a) much advice   b) much advices    c) many advice   d) many advices

Answer:  a – much advice

2   This company does not need ______

a)  many machine   b ) much machine    c) many machines   d) much machines

Answer: a- many machine

3   We haven’t  got _____ this week.

a)many homeworks   b) much homework   c)many homework   d) much homeworks.

Answer:  b – much homework

4  I haven’t read ______about World War II.

a)much informations  b)many information  c)many informaions  d)much information

Answer:  d – much information

5  How _____do you have?

a)a lot of luggages b)many luggage c)much luggage   d) much luggages

Answer: c- much luggage

Correct Spelling

Instruction: Choose the correctly spelled word from the given options


a) Credential b) Credancial c)Credantial d) Credencial

Answer: a- Credential

a)Collateral    b)Colateral   c) Collataral   d)Colateral

Answer: a- Collateral

a)Licence b)Licents c)Lisence d)License

Answer: a-licence

a)Extantion b)Extansion c) Extension d) Extention

Answer: a-Extension

a)Apropriate b) appropriate c)appropriet d)Apropriet

Answer: b-Appropriate

Correct form of sentences

Instruction: Choose the best answer to complete these passive voice sentence.


1.The flood water ____by barriers.

a)was be kept back      b)was being keept back     c)was been kept back    d)was being kept back

Answer: d-was being kept back

2.Thirty more people _______last week.

a)were lie off     b)were laying off    c)were layed off   d)were laid off

Answer: d-were laid off

3.The keys ____.

a) must  have been left behind b)must been left behind c)must having been left behind d) must have be left behind

Answer : a-must have been left behind

4.The criminal_____.

a) was locked up   b)was locking up.   C)was lock up   d) were locked up.

Answer: a-was locked up

5. The road_____.

a) was blocking off b) was block off c)was blocking off d) was blocked off

Answer: d-was blocked off

Word Formation

Instruction : Choose the correct prefix from the given options to build new words matching with the definitions provided.


1    ______ beat=positive and enthusiastic.

a)up   b)over   c)out   d) down

Answer :  a – up

2   _____ law = to make something no longer legal.

a) un    b)out    c)over    d)by

Answer: b – out

3   ______ shore =on the land rather than at sea.

a)up   b)over   c)in   d)on

Answer: d – On

4   ____ byte=a unit of computer memory (equal to about  1 million bytes)

a) mega   b)giga   c)kilo  d)extra

Answer: a – mega

5  _____ sensitive =extremely physically sensitive to particular medicines, lights etc

a) over   b) hyper   c)mega   d)out

Answer: b-hyper

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