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Bank Job Solution MCQ and Written test preparation: Fill in the gaps || Analogy || General Knowledge|| Language and Communication skill

bank job solution and preparationHere I am sharing some more and important question and answer for bank job recruitment preparation. It will also help you to prepare yourself   for  any type of  written or MCQ test examination. Here I have included Language and Communication skill, fill in the gaps, analogy and General Knowledge.  Read them below and  boost your knowledge.

Language and Communication

What is the meaning of the underlined word(s) in the following sentences

1. What is the meaning of the word “Craft”?

a) Skill b) Mural    c) Fabric     d) Sketch

Ans:  a – Skill

[  Mural –  দেয়াল চিত্র              Craft –  দক্ষতা নির্ভর পেশা ]

2. What is the correct meaning of the phrase  “sine die”?

a) uncertain b) unknown  c ) fixed    d) changing

Ans: a – uncertain

3.  Assertive people are generally more decisive.

a) Docile       b) Articulate       c) Confident d) Intelligent

Ans:   c – Confident

[articulate – স্পষ্ট ভাবে কথা বলা           Docile – বাধ্য ]

4. The  king  rules his subjects with a high hand.

a)Courageously b)Sympathetically c)Harshly d)Oppressively

Ans: d-Oppressively

[ with a high hand – শক্ত হাতে              Oppress – অন্যায় বা নিষ্ঠুর ভাবে শাসন করা]

5. What is the meaning of the idiom of the “a bed of roses”

a) an easy comfortable situation b) a newly laid garden of roses c) a beautiful object to remember d) a unique and colorful situation

Ans: a – an easy comfortable situation

Fill in the blank

1. Which  _____ your favorite novelists?

a) is  b) are c)will  d) was

Ans: b – are note: novelists (plural subject) that’s why  “are” is used

2. We need to protect  ________________ from pollution.

a)environment b) some environment c) whole environment d) the environment

Ans: d – the environment

3. _____ all the students, Karim is the best.

a) among    b)between    c)with    d)of

Ansd –  Of

4. It is quite unfortunate that he is still under the  __________  that others are sympathizing with him.

a)allusion    b)delusion    c)belief    d)illusion

Ans: d – illusion

[ Allusion – পরোক্ষ উল্লেখ        delusion- প্রতারণা/ অলীক বিশ্বাস         illusion ভুল ধারণা ]

5. “_______ man for himself !” That is the way of the world.

a)Each     b)Every c)A      d)One

Ans: b – Every

6. The smile on a baby’s face is always ____________.

a) endearing (সোহাগ)  b) attractive    c) supreme  d) cute  e) entertaining

Ans : e – entertaining

7.   It is necessary to be _________ while dealing  with mounting outstanding loan.

a) confident  b) aggressive c) active d) bold e) prudent

Ans: e – prudent ( সতর্ক )

8. He readily compiled _________ my request.

a) with b) to  c) on  d) for

Ans: a – with

9. No, he is not here. He just ______ out.

a) goes  b)  went  c) has gone d) gone.

Ans :  c – has gone note : auxiliary verb  has/have is used with  “Just”


Instruction: A related pair of words or phrases is followed by four pairs or words or phrases. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

1.  Organ : Kidney ::

a) bone : rib b) skeleton : kneecap c) neuron : synapse  d) abdomen : stomach

Ans : a) bone : rib (Kidney is a type of organ  so rib is a type of bone)

2.  Bird : feather ::

a)hand:finger b) mammal : spine  c) fish : scales d) branch : fruit

Ans: c – fish :scale ( bird is covered with feather  and fish is covered with scales)

[scale – আঁশ ]

3.  Fragile : Break ::

a) invisible : see  b) erratic : control  c) flammable : burn d) noxious : escape

Ans: c – flammable : burn  ( fragile things breaks easily  and  flammable things burns easily)

[ Fragile – ভঙ্গুর    flammable – দাহ্য   noxious –ক্ষতিকর   erratic  কথা বার্তায় অসাবধানী ]

4.  Curiosity : Know

a) temptation : conquer   b) starvation : eat   c) wanderlust : travel d) humor : laugh

Ans:  c – wanderlust : travel

[ wanderlust – ভ্রমন পিপাসু     temptation প্রলোভন      starvation খাদ্যাভাব জনিত দুঃখ কষ্ট ]

5. Opaque : Light

a) inaudible : light  b) unbreakable : plastic  c) reflective : mirror  d ) nonporous : liquid

Ans:  d – nonporous : liquid  ( light can’t move  through opaque things and liquid can’t flow  through nonporous things)

[ nonporous – ছিদ্রহীন ]

General Knowledge:


  • What does IMF stand forInternational Monetary Fund
  • The term “Secondary Market” is usually used  inStock Market
  • Which is the  largest state of USAAlaska
  • Which country has the largest land area in the world?Russia
  • Who is the writer of “Alice in Wonderland”?Lewis Carroll
  • What is the main objective of the devaluation of currency?To  increase export
  • Which is the biggest island of the world? –  Greenland
  • Which is considered the coldest place on earth? –  Verkoyansk in Siberia
  • Which nation gave woman the right to vote first?New Zealand
  • Which South American country has the greatest land area? –  Brazil
  • In which continent is the Sahara desert located?Africa
  • Where is the headquarters of the UN Security Council located at? – New York
  • Which kind of wave is used in communication technology of mobile phoneMicrowave
  • Which organization of UNO declared prohibition on Clone human child? – WHO
  • The country known as the land of the midnight sun is: – Norway
  • The word “sonnet” is derived fromItaly

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