How to increase Alexa ranking, increase Google Page Rank and SEO: Get thousands of organic traffic per day || increase website visitor or traffic || For new Blog or website

How to make 10,000-20,000 organic traffics  a day very easily!

 google alexa page rank increase
To make a simple straight forward guide that anyone can follow that will make at least 5,000 organic traffics or more easily per day for anyone’s website instead of SEO skills.

The procedure I am sharing with you is helpful for the Webpage or website or blog which is new or want to build their site ranking high in Alexa, Google or any other search engine. So, if you want to increase your Alexa ranking, Google page rank and want to increase visitor or traffic in your site or blog then it will obviously help you.
Just remind that, this technique will help you to get organic traffic or visitor without costing any money and you don’t need any SEO knowledge. Alright so here’s a way for you to make your website with a lot of free organic traffics while you sleep.
You need about half day of work if that and the ability to leave your computer on. Just follow the steps at below in order to get more traffics for your site:-

1. Get into this site and register – VirtualVisit – It’s   in Chinese, so I have provided some screenshots to help you guys  out.  Then Sign Up



increase Alexa Ranking 



2   Key in your details for registration.

 Google page rank increase

3. Download the browser loader, unzip it  and start to run your application software…

increase page rank


4. Run the software, Log in the admin panel to setup your site URL and traffic sources.



increase alexa ranking




5. Key in your website URL and referral links.



increase alexa and google page rank



You are ALL DONE.
VVist will automatically send organic 10,000-20,000 traffics to your site and Increase your website page rank easily.
Remember to run the software every time you turn your computer on.
*If you have two computer (on different IP), you can use the software with same username to increase traffic.

get thousand of organic traffic in your blog and website



10 Responses to How to increase Alexa ranking, increase Google Page Rank and SEO: Get thousands of organic traffic per day || increase website visitor or traffic || For new Blog or website

  1. Junie Curlis says:

    Good Post!


  2. Morton Alff says:

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information regarding Alexa and Search Engine (Google, Yahoo etc) page rank increase. I care for such information much for SEO purpose. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.


  3. Levi says:

    This progran appears to open a port in your machine and send out automated search queries to Google. This is dangerous to your sita as Google now block auto queries and ongoing misuse can get your site blacklisted.

    This program is also dangerous to the security of your machine as an open port is basically a back door for hackers.

    Do you trust the makers of this program? I dont


    • Dear Levi,

      Thanks for your Comments..

      Actually I have shared this technique to increase Alexa and Google ranking as I found my friend used this and got 20000 traffic or hits in 5 days.

      About Hacking

      As this site is Chinese you may think risk of hacking….. but …. Protection of your computer and website is upto your hands..because…if you use Strong Password in your website, if you keep your windows and Antivirus updated and if you use internet and computer and other computer related parts (such as pen drive and others) carefully then there is no way to be virus affected or hack your machine and Website.


      If you are worried of hacking but want to increase your page rank in Google and Alexa then… use this above technique in such Computer or pc which you don’t use to login you website’s C-Panel or Admin Panel.



  4. jone says:

    for time iwas searching how can I increase alexa rank untill find agreat services its alexage they had brought my site to Alexa’s top 50K in less than 90 days


  5. niky202 says:

    do not use this site
    this is fake traffic.


  6. Marc Wesler says:

    Does not work any more. Has another field in registration form now


  7. yeap doesnt work anymore


  8. nagaraj says:

    Hi.. Will u pls tell us how to open acount with d new website which has been redirecting..I tried to pen new acount with them but its says some error and I tried to translate that page.. tat also not possible…


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