Recruitment Exam Question Bank

Bank job preparation and solution : Appropriate English Use, Correct Spelling, Appropriate Meaning of Words, Correct Sentence, General Knowledge and Current Affairs

bank job preparationToday I am sharing you some more sample question and answer  regarding Bank Job Preparation. If you are preparing yourself   to start your career in banking sector then this section is helpful for you.  Not  only for  Banking Sector this section is also helpful for  any type of   Recruitment Examination. So read them below and Prepare yourself.

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Fill in the gaps / Appropriate English Usage


  • This is  ______ easy exam

A ) a      B) an      C) are      d)on

Answer:   B-an

  • May I have your brother’s  _______ phone number?

A)  a     B)an     C) are      D)none of them

Answer : D – none of them

  • May I ask you  ______ question?

A) a    B)an      C)are     D)one

Answer:  A – a

  • Switzerland   ________ famous for its quality watches.

A)a          B)an        C)is         D)has

Answer:  C – is

  • India  ______  many forests.

A)was        B)has        C)have           D)on

Answer:  B – has

  • She has lived here _____ 1975.

A)for           B)since             C)ago            D)from

Answer:  B – since

  • The Chowdhurys have six _______, three boys and three girls?

A)childs B)child  C)children D)childrens

Answer: C – children

  • Mohi felt _______ that the verdict would be in his favor?

A)confidant         B)confident      C)confidence       D)confide

Answer:  A – confident

  • I saw you _______ Thursday?

A)on       B)in         C)at          D)over

Answer :  A – on

  • We have been waiting _________ twenty minutes.

A)for       B)since         C)far            D)sincerely

Answer: A – for

Correct Spelling


  • The company uses heavy _________

A)machinary B)mechiner C)machinery D)machinari

Answer :  C – Machinery


  • It is an ____________ mission

A)xploratory B)exploretory C)exploratary D)exploratory

Answer : D – exploratory


  • A kidnapping is also called an _______.

A)abduction B)abdaction C)abducsion  D)abducktion

Answer: A – abduction

  • No man works on an _______________committee.

A)advizory B)advisory C)advisery D)advisory

Answer :  B – advisory


  • The _____________ experiment is finished

A)laboratory B)laberatory C)Labertory  D)labarotry

Answer :  A – Laboratory

Appropriate English Usage

  • I promise I _____ smoke again

A)won’t    B)don’t  C)couldn’t D)didn’t

Answer: A – won’t


  • I hope she ________ the flowers.

A)like   B)will likes   C)likes   D)did like  E)none of these

Answer: E – none of these

  • I hate _______ at holidays.

A)working  B) work  C)to do work  D)all of these

Answer :  A – working

  • When an object enter earth’s atmosphere, it travels _____________.

A)very rapidly B)in a rapid manner  C)fastly  D)rapidly

Answer: D – Rapidly

  • Employers ofter require that candidates have not only a degree in engineering _____________

A)but two years experience  B)also two years experience  C)but also two years experience  D)but more two years experience

Correct sentence:



a) it had been raining all day b) It is been raining  all day c) It has been raining all day D) all of these E) None of these

Answer:  C – It has been raining all day


a) She should be here soon b) she ought be here soon c) she would here soon d) all of these e) none of these

Answer:  A – She should be here soon


a) What day is today? B) What date is it? C) Which date is today? d) all of these e) none of these

Answer:  D – All of these


a) He gave them to her and me b) He gave them to her and I c) He gave them to she and me d) he gave them to she and I  e)none of these


a) my older sister is a pilot b)my elder sister is a pilot c) my elder sister is a pilot d) all of these e) none of these

Appropriate  Meaning  of  Words

  • Benevolent

a)caring  b)complete  c)honest d) disgraceful e) none of these

Answer: A – Caring

  • Comprehension

a)loss b) calamity c) difference d) knowledge e) none of these

Answer: D – Knowledge

  • Gravity

a)irrelevant b)strange c)seriousness d)regular e)none of these

Answer : C – Seriousness

  • Reimburse

a)recollect b)renowned c)refund d)revamp e)none of these

Answer: C – Refund

  • compensation

a)harm b) admission c)misfortune d)reward e) none of these

Answer : D -Reward

General knowledge, current affairs & Industry reading


The first digital computer was invented byBlais Pascal

The place known as the roof of the world isTibet

Which  of the following is the largest country in the worldRussia

The biggest island of the world isGreenland

Where is the permanent secretariat of the SAARC locatedKathmandu

What year did the Berlin Wall come down1989

What is the capital of ColumbiaBogota

What is the birthplace of HitlerAustria

Where is the Kalahari Desert is locatedAfrica

What is the scientific name of Vitamin CAscorbic Acid

WTO stands forWorld Trade Organization

The largest NGO in the worldBRAC

Operation Desert Storm is the name of aMilitary Invasion

Operation Search Light was launched against the civilians of which countryBangladesh

The capital city of BhutanThimphu

SEC stands forSecurities Exchange Commission

Who discover Oxygen in 1774Joseph Priestly

The primary income source of a insurance company isPremium Receipts

Life insurance companies mainly provide benefits to the beneficiary of a policy uponPolicyholder’s Death

Insurance is a system ofSpreading Risk

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