Job Recruitment Questions on Computer

Basic Question and Answer on Computer, Internet and Information Technology

Here I am sharing you some more question and answer related to Computer , Internet and Information Technology. If you have faced Bank

recruitment, Government and Non -Government recruitment examination then this section is helpful for you. Question and Answer on

Basic Computer and Internet Technology is must in the recruitment examination. So read them below and make you more competitive.


Basic Question and Answer on Computer, Internet and Information Technology


  • Q.What is the most appropriate software for calculating in computer?

Ans :Microsoft Excel

  • What is meant by ‘LASER’?

Ans: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of  Radiation.

  • A complete Microcomputer system includes ?

Ans: Microprocessor, memory, peripheral equipment.

  • What is Windows?

Ans: A personal computer operating system from Microsoft.

  • What is computer networking?

Ans: A system in which computers  are connected to share information and resources.

  • What does ‘System Software’ Includes?

Ans: The operating system and all the utilities that enable the computer to function.

  • What is the other name of ‘Main Memory’?

Ans: Primary Memory

  • What is full form of BSIC?

Ans: Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

  • What is Telemedicine?

Ans: A process of treatment through communication technologies.

  • Who is the inventor of punch card?

Ans: Joseph Marie Jacquard

  • What kind of device is Monitor?

Ans: Output device

  • What is ‘facebook’?

Ans: A popular Social networking site

  • What is ‘OCR’?

Ans: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a computer software designed to translate image of type written test.

  • What is Computer Virus?

Ans: One kind of program, which is harmful to computer operation.

  • Two types of commonly used printers are?

Ans: Dot Matrix printer and Laser printer

  • Write the name of different computer storage device.

Ans. Hard disk, Floppy disk, Compact disk

  • Who is the legend of computer world?

Ans: Bill Gates

  • What is the meaning of ‘CC’ in case of E-mail?

Ans: Carbon Copy

  • The word ‘Computer’ is derived from?

Ans: Compute

  • Adobe Photoshop is aGraphics Software


  • What is the name of the first Computer Network?

Ans: ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Administration Network)


  • What is the number of Computer Generation?

Ans: Five


    • BIOS is aSoftware
    • The IP Address belongs to which of the following class – Class B
    • A CD-ROM drive is labeled with 52X.  Here52X is a measurement of –Data Transfer Rate
    • Data transfer rate of a Dial-up Modem is  measured in – Kbps
    • The most distinctive difference between in LAN and a WAN is – Distance Covered
    • Which of the following components (Hard Disk, Compact disk, Magnetic Tape, RAM) has the highest failure risk? – RAM
    • Which kind of mathematics does the computer use in operations? – Binary
    • The command ‘Shift + Delete’ will send the file to the? – this command  will  delete the file permanently
    • The ‘add or remove programs’  utility can be found in –  Control Panel
    • One Megabyte is equal to – 106  bytes
    • Which menu includes the command ‘find’ ?   –  Edit
    • The base 16 number system is – Hexadecimal
    • What kind of secondary storage is provided by magnetic disks? –  Slow Speed, High Capacity
    • Valid Ending for a  MS-Word File is –   .doc
    • The computer stores its program and data in its – Memory
    • HTML indicates – Hyper Text Markup Language
    • HTTP stands for – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    • SMTP stands for – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

76 thoughts on “Basic Question and Answer on Computer, Internet and Information Technology”

  1. i thankful to you for giving this kind of knowledge fo us. Please i want more besic computer questions & answers. Tell me how can i get it? Please add more


  2. Point of corretion, the IP address is a Class A address not Class B. Also One Megabyte is equal to 1024 Kbytes, not 106 bytes.

    Nice job though


  3. 1) One Megabyte is equal to – How many bytes


    1 Byte = 8 Bit
    1 Kilobyte = 1,024 Bytes
    1 Megabyte = [1024*1024]= 1,048,576 Bytes
    1 Gigabyte = [1,048,576*1024]= 1,073,741,824 Bytes
    1 Terabyte = [1,073,741,824*1024]= 1,099,511,627,776 Bytes

    2) The IP Address belongs to which of the following class ?

    Answer: Class B (See from fast octate it is under range of 0-127, so it is in class A)

    Class 1st Octate Decimal Range

    A 0 – 127
    B 128 – 191
    C 192 – 223
    D 224 – 239
    E 240 – 254

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    1. Class A- 1-126—for using large network.
      Class B -. 128—-191—-for using medium size network.
      Class C- 192—223—for using small network.
      Class D – 224—239— for using multicasting.
      Class. E – 240—255— for using Research & development


  4. Hello everyone! I have one question and I still don’t know it yet, if everyone know please tell me: Does it have the problem when installing window in multiple times on one computer?


      1. Hi
        nothing will happen….
        just you will need to install the appropriate drivers and application soft-wares like (MS Word,Photoshop etc) after installing the Windows newly


  5. i thankful to you for giving this kind of knowledge fo us. Please i want more besic computer questions & answers. Tell me how can i get it? Please add more


  6. thank you,,,,,qn, how can I add/link my post(blog post) to dropdown menu at self web page menu hosting by google borrowed? plz give info at….it will be very helpful to me…thanks. recently i have added om prokash dada to fb named Raihan Nabi.


  7. Hi,

    Please give me an answer of two question, questions are mention below please reply as soon as possible my freinds.

    Que-1:- Have your any knowledge in Computer Operation typing ??

    Que-2:- Do you know ordinary Type-writing???
    Guys i ve knowledge in computer operation typing but am confused am not understanding how can i explane these answers to interviewer.


    1. Thanks Zeba,
      You can tell them about the 32bit, and 64 bit operating systems. and also the generations of Operating windows 95, windows 98, XP, windows 200 …… and others
      you got the point?
      Also if you are advanced….then tell them Multitasking features supports of operating system and more



  8. Hi ,
    Can someone help me to understand if 7 Zip file archiver and Avira Antivirus Software are Application Software or System Software? and what is the basis of classifying them in any of these category


    1. Hi Vilas
      7zip and Avira are Application software as they are providing some specif function.
      System software helps to manage and operate computer hardware thereby providing a platform for other application software.

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  9. कॉम्पुटर स्टार्ट होते वक्त चालू बंद चालू बंद हो रहा है

    क्या प्रॉब्लम हो सकता है ?


  10. Question: What’s the basic, most important difference between shared hosting, a VPS, and a dedicated server?


  11. Question: A potential customer, a medium size company operating a few retails stores, is considering to launch an ecommerce project. You want to convince them to go with our SaaS platform, but they have some concerns, saying that Magento is the only choice for professional sellers. How would you argue that?


  12. Wow!!!Let me confess that I’ve learnt a lot from the questions asked and their elaborate answers. Keep it up Admin.


  13. Internet is a …………….. of computers around the word.
    URL stand for………………….
    The communication protocol is used by internet is ……………………


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