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Bank Job Recruitment Examination Preparation Guide || Important MCQ type short question and answer on General Knowledge || International Affairs || Current Affairs of January

current affairs, international affairs, recruitmentToday I am sharing some basic  MCQ  type short  question and answer  on  General Knowledge and International Affairs.  The  Current affairs I have shared here  about the  important  events which occurred in Januay 2011.  Not only Current Affairs, I have shared here some more and basic General knowledge which will guide you and make you updated  for the recruitment examination test preparation.

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Just read them below and keep yourself updated.


General Knowledge MCQ Type Short Question for Bank and Government Job


Who wrote   “What If”    or    Author of “What If “  – Monica Ali


Who got 2010 Fifa Balon d’Or  awardLionel Messi

Time Period  of  Icc World Cup Cricket 2011 /  Duration of ICC World Cup Cricket 2011  is – 19th Feb to 2nd April


Total Cricket Playing Country  taking part in  ICC Cricket 2011 14     


World Book Capital 2011 Declared by  UNESCO  is – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

AVG, Kaspersky, Avast are  – Computer Anti Virus


BanglaPedia, Wikipedia are Online based Free Encyclopedia

World’s largest Motor Vehicle / Car  Manufacturing Company 2010 – Toyoto (Japan)

UN Women is started from 1st January -2011


HeadQuarter of UN WomenNewYork, USA


HeadQuarters of BIMSTEC  – Dhaka, Bangladesh


HeadQuarters of – The International Federation for Human RightsFDHParis, France


China is  First in producingAluminum, Gold, Iron, Manganese, Steel and Cement


1st January 2011, Who becomes the President of  ISO- International Organization for Standardization – Boris Sergei (Russia)


1st March 2011 who will become the 10th Secretary General of SAARCFatima Diyana Sayed (Maldives)


2015 Asia Cup football will be held in  – Australia


International Day Against Nuclear Test is29th August

At present World’s Largest oil producing country – Russia


Peru and Guyana are the latest Latin American countries to recognize Palestine as a sovereign State


27 December 2010, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE, India) launches or introduces Islamic Indexes


Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was introduced first in which country –  Singapore,1997

According to declaration of UN which year is –“ International year of  water Cooperation” – 2013

According to declaration of UN which year is –“ International Year of Sustainable Energy For All” – 2012


Capital of  South Sudan –  Juba

2nd January 2011, which country ban openly  smoking – Spain

2011, Which country is declared as  Green Capital of Europe – Hamburg, Germany

In the Year 2012, 14-16 May Earth Summit will be held in – Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Darfur is the name related to – Sudan

Andaman Island” belongs to / situated in – India


The Worst nuclear power plant accident so far occurred inChernobyl


NAFTA stands for – North American Free trade Agreement

Red Cross” was established in – 9 February 1863


Founder of Kindergarten schoolFriedrich Froebel


Founding member of UN51


Independence day of USA4th July

Bush House” is located inLondon (UK)

The name of the highest Statue of World Ushiku amida Buddha (Japan)


India house is situated inLondon


The Peace Memorial park is in – Hiroshima, Japan

Nipah is a disease caused by – Virus

Nipah virus can be transmitted to humans from animals

Main Host of Nipah Virus : Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are the natural host of Nipah virus

Who discovered Nipah Virus : Dr.Chua Kaw Bing

Scientific Name of the main host of Nipah Virus Pteropus vampyrus

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