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Bank Job Solution Guide and Written and MCQ Test Preparation||Sample and Basic Question and Answer on Analogy,Sentence Correction, Finding Non-Matching Words and General Knowledge ||Recruitment Examination Model Test

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Today I am sharing some basic and important  question and answer for Bank job recruitment written test preparation. Here I have included  Analogy, Finding  Non-Matching Words, Sentence Correction and General Knowledge (short questions, mcq type) which will  help you to prepare yourself for any type of bank job, government  or non government job.

As you know  Bank Job written test  is really too much competitive so you must need to see some Basic Question and Answer on Computer and Internet Technology.


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Select the pair of  word that expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the pair of words in capital letters.

(1) Temper : Adjust

a)misrepresent:communicate  b)warp:deform  c)confess:tell  d) undermine:stop  e)none of these

Answer: b – wrap:deform

(2)Pertinent : Relevance 

a)insistent:rudeness   b) benevolent:perfection c)redundant :superfluity  d)prevalent:universality e)none of these

Answer: c – redundant:superfluity

(3)Invest  : Capital

a)gamble : stake  b)tax:income  c) play :sport d)race :record  e) none of these

Answer: a – gamble:stake

(4)Absorb  : Sponge

a)spin:wool   b)stain:detergent   c)pump:gasoline   d) seal:caulk  e)none of these

Answer:  d – seal:caulk

(5)Sound : Air

a)oil:tanker  b)signal:wave  c)electricity:copper  d)material:collage  e)none of these

Answer: c – electricity:copper

(6)Athlete  :  Trophy

a)detective :badge  b)presenter:award  c)soldier:medal  d)musician:instrument e)none of these

Answer: c – soldier:medal

(7)Logic : Reasoning

a) sensitivity : morality  b)arrogance : leadership  c)ethics : behavior  d) creativity : enthusiasm e)none of these

Answer: c – ethics : behavior

(8)Brake : Automobile

a) Pad : Helicopter  b) sheep : fleet  c) Rein : Horse  d) Helmet : Motorcycle  e) Boot :saddle

Answer:  c) Rein : Horse 

(9)Doctor : Disease

a)Dentist : Drill  b) gardener : lawnmower  c) policeman : criminal  d) Teacher : ignorance e) engineer:factory

Answer: d) Teacher : ignorance

(10)Act : Stage

a)Play : Concert  b) Lecture : Program  c)Swim : Pool d)Watch : Solitude  e) Play : Football

Answer: c)Swim:Pool

(11)Indifferent : Concern

a)Intrepid : Bravery  b)Arrogant : Modesty  c)Unnatural : Emotion d)Incomparable : Relevance e) Insecure : Timid

Answer: b)Arrogant : Modesty 

(12)Medicine  :  Illness

a)law : anarchy  b)hunger : thirst c) etiquette : discipline d)love : treason e) none of these

Answer: a)law : anarchy 

(13)Sound : Air

a) oil : tanker  b) signal : wave  c) electricity : copper  d)light : camera  e)non of these

Answer : c) electricity:copper 

(14)Reflection : Light

a)emotion:feeling b)echo :sound  c)film:scene d)microphone:hearing  e)none of these

Answer: b)echo :sound 

(15) Clock : Time

a)watch:wrist  b)odometer:speed  c) hourglass:sand  d)yardstick:distance  e)radio:sound

Answer: d)yardstick:distance 

(16) Novelist: Plot

a) Dramatist : Acts  b)architect : blueprint  c) sculptor:Chisel  d)magician: legerdemain e)Composer: notes

Answer:  b) architect :blueprint

(17) Atlas: Maps

a)album:photographs b)road:signs c)automobile:wheels d)star:planets  e)circus : acrobats

Answer:   a) album : photograph

Finding  Non-Matching Word

In  each of the following lists, one word is out of sequence from the other words. Find the word that is not similar to the other words in each list.


a) Inflation b)Discourse  c) Interest  d)Debt  e)Investment

Answer:  b – Discourse    as it is not monetary term

a)Moth  b) Termite c) Ant  d) Flee  e)Wasp

Answer :  d – Flee  

a)Laugh b)giggle  c) Chuckle  d) Sob  e)Cackle

Answer:  d – Sob    

a)Sleepy  b)Drowsy  c) Shabby  d)Slumber  e)Dozy

Answer :  c – shabby

a)Hound b)shrub c)Squirrel  d)Reindeer  e)Sheep

Answer: b-shrub

a)Lavoratory  B)Oven c) Freezer  d)Stove  E)blender

Answer:  a – Lavoratory

a)Huge  b)Large  c)Height D) Enormous  E)Massive

Answer: c – height

a)Chisel  b)Nail  c)Pliers  d)Hammer  e)Wrench

Answer: b – Nail

a)Squeak  b)groan  c) Honey  d)Hum   E)Moan

Answer: c – Honey

a) plane  b)squirrel  c)cloud d)eagle e)hawk

Answer  : b)squirrel  — because it can’t fly

a)dagger  b)spear  c)arrow  d)shield  e)knife

Answer:  d) Shield  — because it is not a weapon

a)cheese  b)butter  c)milk  d)yoghurt e)sweet

Answer : e) sweet  — because other options (cheese,butter,yoghurt) are prepared from milk

a)table b)cupboard c)chair  d)wood  e)bed

Answer: d) wood  — others are the name of  various furniture

a)sit  b)jog  c)run  d)walk  e)gallop

Answer : a) sit – because others are the various forms of  walking and running

a)bee  b)peacock  c)moth d)fly  e)wasp

Answer : b) peacock — because it is not an insects

a)winter  b)hail  c)steel d)fog  e)mist

Answer : a)winter – because it is a season

a)outraged b)cross  c)spiteful d)benevolent e)crotchety

Answer:  d) benevolent    –because others are negative quality

a)hillock  b)mound c)ocean d)peak  e)pile

Answer:  c) Ocean  –because  it is related to water (full of water)

a)Jocular  b)merry c)gloomy d)jovial  e)blissful

Answer:  c) gloomy   because this one is opposite to the others

Sentence Correction

Select the word or phrase that best completes the sentence

(1)Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much an achievement as to finish a 400-page novel.

a) is to finish  b) finishing  c) if to finish d) to have finished e)none of these

Answer: b- finishing

(2)Her brother along with her parents  insist that she remains in school.

a)are insisting  b)insists c)were insisting  d) have insisted e)none of these

Answer: b-insists


(3)Today, this is a totally different world than we have seen in the last decade.

a)since we have seen  b) from what we have seen  c) from what we seen  d) than what we seen e)none of these

Answer: b – from what we have seen


(4)He interviewed several candidates  who he thought had the experience and qualifications the position required.

a) who he thought b) whom he thought  c) of whom he thought d) he thought who e)none of these

Answer:  e- none of these


(5)Ashraf wanted to have gone to the movies yesterday.

a)wants to go b)had wanted to have gone  c)wanted to go d)wanted to gone e)none of these

Answer:  C –wanted to go



(6)Using it wisely,leisure promotes health,efficiency and happiness.

a)because of usefulness  b) If used wisely  c) having used it wisely d)because it is used wisely e)none of these

Answer: b) If used wisely 



(7)The principal reason for our failure was quite apparent to those whom we had brought into the venture.

a)to whom who  b)to them whom  c)to the ones whom d)to those who  e)none of these

Answer: e)none of these


(8)Computer as revolutionized office procedures more than  any machine of modern time.

a)has any machine b) has any other machine c)any other machine d)any other machine has e)none of these

Answer: c)any other machine


(9)the employees who believe that they may be affected by the new policy should contact the authority.

a)will have been effected  b)may  be effected  c) will be affected d) will have been affected   e)none of these

Answer: c) will be affected

Bank Job General Knowledge

  • SIM card is meant by –Subscriber Identity Module
  • Eskimos hunt using a dog driven  vehicle  called- Sledge
  • Addis Ababa is the capital of – Ethiopia
  • Name of  a  Land Locked countries in the world – Nepal
  • Which country has the biggest  land area in the world -Russia
  • Wimbledon is famous for which outdoor sport –Lawn Tennis
  • Sahara desert is located at – Africa
  • “To be or not be that is the  question “ Is a quote from –Shakespeare
  • GSM  stands for – Global System for Mobile Communication
  • Which famous physicist wrote  a book called “A Brief History of Time” – Stephen Hawkins
  • The three basic colors are – Red, Green and Blue
  • Which world famous leader’s body is still preserved – Lenin
  • John Lennon, the famous singer, was a member of which band – Beatles
  • Red Indians live in – America
  • Which  is the world’s second-largest country in land area – Canada
  • Over which continent is the largest hole of the ozone layer – Antarctica
  • Which of the followings remains liquid at room temperature-  mercury
  • Which instrument does Ravi Shankar play – Sitar
  • The buildup of which common gas is causing global warming – Carbon –Dioxide.
  • Light breaks into how many different colors when it passes through a prism – 7
  • On which playing field would you find 10 pieces of wooden sticks not in the hands of any player – Cricket Pitch

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