Job Recruitment Questions on Computer

IT / Computer Related Questions For Government and Bank Jobs

computer,technology,tech, internetBefore i shared Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-1 and Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2. Also i shared Input and Output device lists and Basic question and answer on Computer and Internet Technology. Today I am sharing more IT and Computer Related questions which is important for Banks and Government Jobs.

1. The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to- Manage resources.
2. Porteble program means- Independent of platform.
3. Which language is more suited to a structured program- PASCAL.
4. Bridge works in which layer of the OSI model- Datalink layer.
5. Mechanical devices in the computer are called- Hardware.
6. Storage device in the computer- DVD.
7. Largest unit of storage in computers- Tera byte.
8. Which software is more useful in preparing a report with statistical & accountin analysis?- MS Excel.
9. IPV4 address is- 32 bit.
10. The last address of IP address represents- Broadcast address.
11. Css in an acronym for- Cascading System Style.
12. The machine readable form a program is called as- Object code.
13. The use of form in HTML is- to collect user input.
14. A computer port is used to- communicate with other computer perepherals.
15. SQL stands for- Structured Query Language.
16. CD stands for- Compact Disc.
17. The protocol is used for the Internet access- TCP/IP.
18. Color monitor consist of three colors- Red, Green, Blue.
19. When a disc is formated – everything will be lost.
20. Blutooth operations use- Radio Technology.
21. Difference between LAN & WAN- Distance covered.
22. Open source operating system- Redhat Linux.
23. Storage capacity of 500 GB- 500 * 2^30 bytes.
24. When a computer start then which component works first- Bios.
25. A CD- Rom drive is labeled with 52*. Here 52* is a measurement of- Revolution per minute.
26. Maximum number of rows in an excel sheet- 65536.
27. McAfee is an- Utility Software.
28. A hard disk is divided into tracks which are sub divided into- sectors.
29. Commands is given to reboot the computer- Ctrl+Alt+Del.
30. MPEG extension refers to- Video file.
31. VOIP extension refers to- Voice Over Internet Protocol.
32. CTRL+C will result in- Saving the document.
33. BAK extension refers to- Backup file.
34. MPG extension refers to- Animation/ movie file.
35. INI extension usually refers to- System file.
36. Who developed Yahoo- David Filo & Jerry Yang.
37. DB refers to- Data Base.
38. OS refers to- Operating System.
39.Docsis refers to- Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.
40. Which of the following are you probably using if you are viewing windows & Icons- Graphical User Interface.
41. CTRL+ E will result in- Centre Alignment.
42. BMP & GIF refers to- Graphics file.
43. CD Rom is an- Optical Memory.
44. Terabyte consist of- 1024 Gigabyte.
45. Windows media player in an- application software.
46. RAM is located in- Motherboard.
47. Linux is a- Operating System.
48. The base of 16 number system is – Hexadecimal.
49. Icon is a- Pictorial representation of an operation.
50. Scanner used in banking industry- MICR.
51. Access time is- made up of data transfer time.
52. Laser printers are known as- page printers.
53. F7 refers to- spell checking.
54. The terms refers to the sharpness of image- resolution.
55. The computer which is called midrange computer- Mini computer.
56. If a computer on the network share resources for others to use, is called- Server.
57. CTRL+ end key- to move to the bottom of the document.
58. MICR stands for- Magnetic Inc Character Reader/ Recognition.
59. ASCII stands for- American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
60. One mega byte is equal to- 1024 kilo byte.
61. The output quality of a printer is measured by- Dot per inch.
62. JPG extension refers to- Image file.
63. Another word for the CPU- Microprocessor.
64. ORACLE is a- Database Software.
65. Secondary Storage devise- ROM.
66. VSAT stands for- Very Small Aperture Terminal.
67. Common keyboard arrangement is called- QWERTY.
68. Which types of interface allow connect, control musical instrumentto computer- MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).
69. Every web page has a unique address called- Uniform Resource Locator.
70. LOTUS is an- Application pacage.
71. In data communication which device convertsdigital data to analog signal- Modem.
72. Which type of ROM is used in Pen Drive- EEP ROM.
73. IP is a- Layer 3 Protocol.
74. F1 stands for- Help.
75. Elaboration of VIRUS- Vital Information Resource Under Seize.
76. In a flowchart a diamond generally stands for- Decision.
77. EXE generally refers to- Executable file.
78. The type of internet connection might be caompared to a regelar telephone call in terms of its duration-dial up.
79. SCSI stands for- Small Computer System Interface.
80. Which must do the return compressed files to their original state- Extract.
81. The function of Gateway is- to connect two disimilar networks.
82. The ASCII Code of A is- 65.
83. URL means- Uniform Resources Locator.
84. RAM is-Volatile.
85. OSI model has- 7 Layer.
86. A record is a- collection of bytes.
87. OMR means- Optical Mark Reader.
88. Firmwareis buit using- ROM.
89. Control unit- directs the movement of electrical signals.
90. Flash memory is- non volatile.
91. The most frequently used instructions are kept in the- Cache Memory.
92. PCMCIA representents a standard for- Notebook.
93. Which is essential component of a LAN- NIC.
94. In simplex transmission- data cotrovel is only one direction at all times.
95. Bandwith means- Bit per inch.
96. Blutooth is the popular name for the- Wireless networking standard.
97. CPU is combination of- Arithmatic logic & control unit.
98. MSI stands for- Medium Scale Integrated Circuits.
99. The name of the first Computer- ENIAC.
100. A computer connected with server is called- work station.
101. INTI extension refers to- System file.
102. 1 nibble is equal to- 4 bites.
103. LED stands for- Light Emitting Diode.
104. DOS is a-Disk Operating System.
105. BIOS is stored in a computer in its- ROM.
106. BIOS is a- Software/ firmware.
107. PDF stands for- Portable Document format.
108. Cookie is a- Internet Information file.
109. An electrical pathway within a computer is called- Bus.
110. To open a new window- Ctrl+N.
111. For launching slide Show- F5.
112. Which number is used to store data in computer- Binary.
113. Ctrl+C indicates- Copy.
114. Predecessor of modern internet- ARPANET.
115. Fastest data transmission media- Fiber optic cable.
116. Full form of RAID- Redundent Array of Independent Disks.
117. Which is most commonly used in HTTP methods- GET & POST.
118. Internet is an example of- Packet switched network.
119. Which memory application policy allocate the largest hole to the process- Worst fit.
120. Which disk format can access by MS Dos 6.0?- FAT.
121. Which memory needs refresh- DRAM.
122. The most commonly used encoding standard of unicode- UTF 8.
123. What is the full form of AT in the IBM PC AT- Advance Technology.
124. Inwhich mode windows starts with only the core drivers & services- Safe mode.
125. Physical connection between micprocessor memory & other parts is called- Address bus.
126. Which language that computer can understand & execute- Machine language.
127. Chips are made up of millions of tiny parts known as- Transistors.
128. What is the unit of measurement for drive access time- miliseconds.
129. Which word in a web page when clicked, opens another document in the site- Hyperlink.
130. Which key is to be pressed in a computer for moving to the begining of a text- Home.
131. The local antenna for satellite connection is called- VSAT.
132. F12 indicates- Save as.
133. ISP stands for- Internet Service Provider.
134. What does a computer stands for storing programs & data for access by the user- Hard Drive.
135. The term dot per inch refers to- Resolution.
136. Printer is an- offline device.
137. Computer terminals usualy have- keyboard only.
138. A unit of unicode comprise-16 bits.
139. Disk storage is a special type of- memory.
140. Small circuit board on which the main memory DRAM is physically pacaged is called- DIMM.
141. A destination for data going outside the sytem is called- Sink.
142. The task of debug programm is to look into all programms to- locate & correct errors.
143. What does the computer process into information- data.
144. Which is the most common type of storage device- Magnetic.
145. What is the name of the structure where dta move through a network- packets.
146. The place value in a string of decimal digites are expressed by- powers of 10.
147. The logic gate NOT has- one input & one output
148. LCD stands for- Liquid Crystal Display.
149. The topology connects all computers in a network by a single cable with a terminal at each is called- ring.
150. PROM chips- Permanently stores information without programm.
151. The wheel of mouse can make it easier to do what ?- Scroll through documents.
152. Which of the following measures the speed of a dot matrix printer- CPS.
153. Floopy disk is a- storage device.
154. The hexadecimal number 9 is equal to- decimal 9.
155. A complete microcomputer system consits of- Microprocessor.
156. The computer stores its programm & data in its- Memory.
157. What kind of secondary storage is provided by magnetic disks- Slow speed high capacity.
158. The brain of a computer within the CPU is- ALU.
159. Which menu includes the command find- Format.
160. Permanent memory of a computer- ROM.
161. CRT stands for- Cathod Ray Tube.
162. Magnetized bits on a disk surface are arranged along concentric rings known as- Tracks.
163. 1 kilo byte is equal to-2^10 byte.
164. Encryption of data means- Data is encoded so it cannot be read without decoding software.
165. When a computer first turened on or retarted, a special type of absolute loader is executed, called- bootstrap loader.
166. Each IP packets contain- Source & destination address.
167. Whta does router do in a network- Determines on which outgoing link packet is to be forwarded.
168. In a client/ server model, a client programm- asks for information.
169. Which is used to transfer file- FTP.
170. Which organization defines the web standards- World Wide Web consortium.
171. The computer that has no hard disk storage but sends input & receives output from the server is known as- Thin client.
172. The main circuit board in a PC is called- Motherboard.
173. A network used for sharing data, software & hardware among the several users owning microcomputers is called-SAN.
174. WWW stands for- World Wide Web.
175. If electrical power is disrupted, data & programms are lost in-RAM.
176. UNIX is an- Operating System.
177. WAN stands for- Wide Area Network.
178. Windows is an- Operating system.
179. MS Access is a- database software.
180. Generally D drive is considerd for- hard disk drive.
181. USB stands for- Universal Serial Bus.
182. The computer use use in operation what kind of mathemetics-Boolean.
183. GSM stands for- Global system for mobile.
184. The utility programm could improve the speed of disk- Defragmentation.
185. One milisecond is equal to- 1000th of a second.
186. Properly arranged data is called- Information.
187. A byte have- 8 bits.
188. The process of starting computer is- Boot.
189. EBCDIC stands for-Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.
190. What is the brain of a computer- CPU.
191. What is the another name of Floppy Disk- Diskette.
192. Which American computer company is called big blue- IBM.
193. An integrated circuit is- Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip.
194. What is the most important advantage of an integrated circuit- Extremly high reliability.
195. What are two main components of a CPU- Control unit & ALU.
196. Ctrl+I – Applies Italic.
197. The intersections of a row & colum is called- a cell.
198. Ctrl+B- Bold.
199. ATM stands for- Automated Teller machine.
200. RAM stands for- Random Access Memory.
201. Supercomputers are those which- can perform billions of calculations per second.
202. The decimal equivalent of (101.110)2 is- 5.75.

Courtesy : Mr. Monir Ahmed ( Officer, Agrani Bank Ltd)

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