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WordPress Child theme Of Twenty Nineteen for accounting, law, and consultancy firms :Professional Business By Automattic Modifications

Professional Business By Automattic child theme for accounting law and consultancy firm

Recently Automattic released their new Child theme named Professional Business which is good for accounting, law and Consultancy firms. Here I have shared some customization which you can use to make the Child theme look better. So If you are a owner of Accounting, law and Consultancy firms and want to create a website with this free Professional business theme then this post is for you. You can check the Prefessional Business Demo .

You need to install Twenty Nineteen Parent theme for this

Download This Professional Business Child theme
You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

Or can take my personal help.
If you want to change font size, color and font family of Top Site title in Professional Business theme by Automattic

.site-title a {
padding-top: 8px;
color: darkred !important;
font-family: cursive !important;
font-size: 26px !important;

Professional Business By Automattic header site title site description and Header background modifications

If you want to change font size, color and font family of Site Descroption / tag line showing right of the site title of Top Site title in Professional Business theme by Automattic

.site-description {
color: darkred !important;
font-size: 17px !important;
font-weight: 400;
font-family: cursive !important;

If you want to use a background color behind the site title and site description ( top header portion) use the code below

#masthead {
background: lightblue !important;

To change the headers  (like h1, h2,h3 etc) font color, font size and font family

h1 {
font-size: 28px !important;
color: darkred !important;
font-family: cursive;

h2 {
font-size: 23px !important;
color: darkred !important;
font-family: cursive;

Click the Link Below To Modify The Parent  Twenty Ninety theme (2019) theme Which are applicable for This Professional Business theme too.

Twenty Nineteen (2019) theme By the WordPress team: CSS Style Modifications and documentation of Header, Footer, Menu, widget, Contents and more

If you have any issue feel free to ask me question here in comments section
Pay me some, I will help you for CSS Issue Personally CLICK HERE….

Check the image below to know about How to Use  Professional Business Child theme using WordPress Latest Gutenberg Editor Blocks

Wordpress Twenty Nineteen (2019) child theme to create Free Professional Business Website

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