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Missing field “review” “brand” “availability” “url” how i solved it for Woocommerce Products

Recently one of my client ask me to solve the issue which you are seeing in the screenshot. I searched a lot in internet and support forums and found woocommerce has some issue with structured data and I didn’t find any good plugins which can help me solving this.

As woocommerce is generating the structured data, to solve this issue I blocked the “application/ld+json” related code generating by woocommerce. Just do this steps.

  1. Login to dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Plugin Editor
  3. Select Woocommerce
Select Woocommerce

4. Go to \includes\class-wc-structured-data.php

5. Block this line (put // just before this line)

echo '<script type="application/ld+json">' . wc_esc_json( wp_json_encode( $data ), true ) . '</script>'; 

6. Now check again your page / product using this . Issue will not be showing now


If You Have Any Better Solution Feel Free To Let Me Know In The Comments Section

9 thoughts on “Missing field “review” “brand” “availability” “url” how i solved it for Woocommerce Products”

  1. [Please delete previous comment – spelling/grammar errors]

    What happens when Woocommerce gets an update? Changes lost.

    Got a child theme solution for this?


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