Karma Observation

Karmic remedy: How to get rid of Anxiety without the help of medicine

Are you in tension? Are you short of money? Do you have the feelings that everything around you is ruined and your all hope of life destroyed? Then yes, I also faced such situation. I had to beg money from my sisters to carry the cost of medicine, food and other cost of my father and mother. Fortunately, with God blessings i got helps from my sister’s. But that didn’t solve all the problems of life. I was in depression as I am not in the condition to support my mom and dad.

One of my relative took me to an wise astro-palmist, he suggested me a wonderful remedy to get rid of anxiety and other troubles. Still I am grateful to that person as what he suggested helped me to become a part of mother nature.

What he suggested? really simple remedy.

“Feed Crows in the early morning — when you wake up, if you have breads to eat, put a bread in a plate, and keep it in open place, so that crow (or birds or any animal) can eat it. Just do it with great respect like you are feeding your relatives or mom and dad. Wash the plate regularly, give some water to drink”

Sounds Hard? No, please do this remedy before you take your breakfast, and try to do it in early morning.

Hope this will help you to get rid of anxiety. Please do it regularly, and gradually you will feel the change around you. Pray to Mother Nature. Mother Nature will take care of You.

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