BCS Preparation: General Knowledge, Current Affairs, International Affairs and Bangladesh Affairs

BCS PreparationToday I am sharing mixed topic which are important for BCS Preparation. Topics which  I have included here are related to

General Knowledge, Current Affairs, International Affairs and Bangladesh Affairs.

This is section is obviously important for Bank Recruitment Examination preparation Bangladesh.

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BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service ) examination preparation: Short Cut way to memorize Bangla (Bengali) Literature works.

Bangla (Bengali) Literature  worksAs you know, memorizing the name of the  famous bangla (bengali) play, novel  with their writers is really too hard and for me it is really   painful .Here I have tried to share some basic techniques by which you will be able to memorizing the famous play,novel with their writers easily. This shortcut techniques will be helpful for your BCS  Test Preparation.

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শিখণ্ডী খাড়া করা (প্রবাদটির উৎস ও অর্থ)

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BCS General Science Preparation: Important MCQ type short questions with answer – Part-2

bangladesh civil servicePreliminary Examination of BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) is knocking at the door.  Preli exam will be held in the middle of this year. So it’s the time for you to study hard and make you more competitive.

Here I have included some more  mcq type short questions with answers  and the topic is BCS General Science.

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(You must have SolaimanLipi font installed to see the Bengali font in your computer)

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Bangladesh Civil Service Job Preparation : Guide and solution for Cadre and Non-Cadre Government jobs

Bangladesh Civil Service, Cadre Job bangladeshIf you are a candidate of  Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) recruitment Examination then this section is for you.As you know 31st BCS Exam is knocking at the door. So it’s the time for you to  revise  the subject covered in BCS Exam. Here  I have tried to help you by sharing some important MCQ type question and answer  on the topics related to BCS General Science and  General Knowledge on Bangladesh.

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(Important Note :   You must have SolaimanLipi  font installed in your computer to see the Bangla Font  clearly I your browser)

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BCS Bangladesh|| Government Job Recuitment Examination preparation || International Affairs and General Knowledge.

bcs general knowledge and current affairs

Today I will share you some important question and answer, basically short questions, for your BCS Test Preparation. Here I  have covered   BCS Test International Affairs  and BCS Exam General Knowledge combinedly.

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(You must have SolaimanLipi Font installed in your computer for better viewing experience)

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BCS Preliminary General Knowledge and General Science Preparation

bcs bangladesh general science and general knowledgeHere I am sharing some more importat MCQ type short question and answers for those who are taking preparation for the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Recruitment Examination test.

Today,the topic I have shared is about “Bangladesh matters General Knowledge”  and “General Science

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(You must have Solaiman Lipi font installed in your computer for better viewing performance)

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Civil Service Recruitment ExaminationBangladesh: BCS Preliminary test-Bengali(Bangla)literature and Bangla 2nd part MCQ type questions with answer

civil service bangladeshToday I am sharig with you  some more mcq type short questions with answer related to Bengali(bangla)literature  and Bangla 2nd Paper.   If you are preparing heart and soul for the Bangladesh Civil Service  Recruitment  (BCS) test examination then  you must want to know and read about  BCS General Science Preparation and BCS  Bangladesh Matters Preparation.

আরো দেখতে পারেন

(১) ব্যাংক রিক্রুটমেন্ট ইংরেজী ভোকাবুলারী

(২) ফিল ইন দ্যা ব্লাঙ্কস – ফর ব্যাংক জবস

(You must have SolaimanLipi font installed in your computer to see the Bengali fonts perfectly)

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BCS exam Bangladesh : Bangla Prepration for Preliminary test Part-4

bangladesh civil service, bcsToday  I am sharing you the 4th Part of Bangla (Bengali) MCQ test Preparation for BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) examination.  BCS is knocking at the door and I hope you are preparing yourself well.  Not only BCS, if you read this topic it will be helpful for you any type of Government job recuitment examination in Bangladesh.

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So, read the MCQ below and make you more competitive.

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BCS(Bangladesh) Preliminary Test MCQ Question and Answer Preparation

In my last post I shared about  BCS Preli Bangladesh Matters Preparation. Today I am sharing BCS Preliminary International affairs/ International matters.

If you are  a candidate of  Bank recruitment examination  in Bangladesh then  the following General Knowledge will help you a lot.

Just read them below  and carry on your preparation.

** You must have  SolaimanLipi font installed in your computer to see the Bengali words perfectly.

আরো দেখতে পারেন

১) বি.সি.এস  ইংরেজী  Fill in the Blanks

২) বি.সি.এস  বাংলা প্রস্তুতি

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BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) Preli Test –Examination Preparation on Bangladesh Matters || About Bangladesh – 2nd Part

bangladesh civil service BCSToday I am sharing you some more question and answer regarding BCS Preli test preparation  on Bangladesh Matters.

It is the 2nd part of MCQ  type short question with answer regarding this topic. You can check the Bangladesh Matters 1st Part.

আরো দেখতে পারেন

১)ব্যাংক  রিক্রুটমেন্ট -ইংরেজী প্রস্তুতি

২)বেসিক কম্পিউটার এন্ড ইন্টারনেট টেকনোলজী

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