Send emails to specific people depending on selection within the Form: Contact Form 7 technique

If you want to implement a form using Contact Form 7 where  users will select  Tutor name or Department name and the mail will be delivered to that specific tutor or department then this tutorial is for you.

contact form 7 send mails based on drop down person or department selectionTo solve the issue, I am sharing you what to do in the steps below

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Greater then or Less then Conditional fields in Contact Form 7 : Show different fields based on a specific field value

Contact Form 7 Conditional field IF Then Else Logic
Sometimes you may want to show certain fields based on the value of another field.

For example
If age is greater then 18 Years you want to show Profession field
Contact Form 7 Conditional field IF Field value is greater then certain field new field will appear
If age is less then 18 years then School field will show

Contact Form 7 Conditional field IF Field value is less then new field appear
But you can use this technique for any other conditions

Here i am sharing you the Contact Form 7 code and corresponding jQuery code

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How to add auto calculation fields or calculator in Contact Form 7 using Jquery

This tutorial is only for those who are trying to add calculator fields like where user will put value in one field and some calculation will be done automatically and result will be viewable in other single or multiple fields in contact form.

This technique I have shared is for advance level users who have knowledge of Jquery and using Contact form 7 . If you are new or facing problem to implement such type of fields, feel free to message me in comments section or take my personal help in my fiverr profile.

Here is the technique

1. At first put your calculator fields where you want to do or show calculation

calculator field in contact form 7

2. Use Jquery code something like this

Calculation and value show in contact form 7 field

I have shared you the Jquery auto calculation code for contact form 7 below


 var ce;
var ps;
var ar;

jQuery("#ce").on("change", function() {
 ce= this.value ;




3. Result

Contact Form auto calculation

If you have any issue feel free to ask me question here in comments section


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