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Mars ( retro) in 3rd house scorpio: Past Prediction

As Scorpio represent transformation, someone asked in the group that, Mars ( retro) in 3rd house scorpio may mean transformation due to internet, communication or siblings/ neighbours ? So, based on single planet single house I just asked a past incident (before his birth) in native’s family.

Retro mars in 3rd house scorpio

What I asked

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Karma Observation

Venus Retrograde in Pisces 8th house : Leo Lagna

Another Lady who has Venus retrograde in 8th house, I asked the following question

1) please check before your born any of your sibling died or not
2) If you are married please check how is your married life, if you are not married please check if there is any cheating or not

Native confirmed her mother faced a lot of issues for child birth and she had a very bad breakup few years ago, she got cheated and never fell into love again.

Moral: Please be aware of child abortion, cheating and do the funeral or last right work properly, otherwise it will hamper your life badly.

Karma Observation

How Mars in 3rd house in Cancer sign will behave?

Someone asked this question that, how Mars posited in 3rd house in Cancer sign will behave? So by taking One Planet in One sign ( I have not taken any other aspects), Mars in 3rd in Cancer Sign may behave like following:

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Karma Observation

Blank Chart Observation for Virgo Ascendant

These are just few blank chart predictions regarding Virgo Ascendants. Though the results will very based on the planetary combinations , strengths and yogas. As an enthusiast of astrology i am sharing my knowledge to you. If you are a Virgo Ascendants please share your view too

Blank Chart for Virgo Ascendants
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Karma Observation

Hitting Poor dog, or hatred towards stray dogs and cats

I know a women who fed stray dogs and cats from her heart. Though there are many facebook groups who do same kind of job. But this women sold her golds and others to fed dogs and cats. Also she do treatment for them.

What a pure soul. Though the marriage life of the lady is disturbed. When I talked with the lady, I mentioned due to your karma towards nature your marriage issue will be solved. God and mother nature is seeing your contribution.

But she face lots of troubles and criticism while doing it. My Guru says, who is saying negative about you is actually taking your negative energy. So you should thanks them. So, I told the lady, please try to be cool with those who criticize you. God is seeing. Don’t worry about your karma.

Karma Observation

Anger Control, Ego Control a little technique

I am not that much educated regarding Anger Management or Anger Control, but seems Lord Rahu Deb or Mother Nature helped me to imprint a little saying in my mind.

Just wait a little, little wait… your response can be different, just wait, little wait

My heartily Gratitude to Lord Rahu Deb & Mother Nature. Not sure I will be able to keep following it or not.

Karma Observation

Gratitude towards Mother Nature : Remedy of your mental depression

So, are you depressed due to your deeds or mistakes or anything? Are you taking medicine to get relief of your depression? Ok, this phase of life occurs in many of us. It also came in my life too.

So I shared in my earlier post a karmic remedy to get rid of depression. Here I am sharing you another step which you can follow. I do follow it. So you can try too.

“While sleeping, please thanks to mother nature or God that you earned a little and get your food, if you didnt earn anything then thanks to God that you still have the ability to do something”

Try not to complain…. Just thanks to mother nature or God.

Karma Observation

Karmic remedy: How to get rid of Anxiety without the help of medicine

Are you in tension? Are you short of money? Do you have the feelings that everything around you is ruined and your all hope of life destroyed? Then yes, I also faced such situation. I had to beg money from my sisters to carry the cost of medicine, food and other cost of my father and mother. Fortunately, with God blessings i got helps from my sister’s. But that didn’t solve all the problems of life. I was in depression as I am not in the condition to support my mom and dad.

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