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Dinner Party in Ambrosia Chittagong: On the eve of 31st Night —To enjoy…. Happy New Year

Party in Ambrosia ChittagongIt was really a nice experience for me to attend the official party which was arranged by our office for the officers on the eve of 31st Night.  Though it would better if the party held in 31st December, but due to the government holiday (31st December was Friday) it was arranged in 30th December. Whatever it is, we enjoyed a lot and the experience was really cool. There was another surprise for us, while our dinner was running we found famous singer Kumar Biswajeet was singing in the ground floor (we were in the first floor), actually he was hired for   another house party which was going on that floor.

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Lord Krishna: I am dedicating my 50th post to Lord Sree Krishna

To whom….I love most from my heart.


Whenever I go to the temples….I don’t know why, my heart fills with eternal peace and pleasure.

In general view, Most of the time I  don’t like  to attend any pooja, any religious festivals, but I love to visit temples and read books on their divine advices….

What I have found, if you read their divine advices, any holy book (either it is Bible, Geeta, whatever it is )  you will discover a divine change in your mind, your depression will be vanished, your negative thinkings will be gone and your mind….will feel  a great great  pleasure.