Usage of WOrds as Various Parts of Speech

From Noun to Verb,Adjective and Adverb

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
Anger Anger Angry Angrily
Beauty Beautify Beautiful Beautifully
Belief Believe Believable Believably
Centre Centralize Central Centrally
Company Accompany Companionable
Critic Criticize Critical Critically
Danger Endanger Dangerous Dangerously
Friend Befriend Friendly
Habit Habituate Habitual Habitually
Horror Horrify Horrible Horribly
Memory Memorize Memorable Memorably
Nature Naturalise Natural Naturally
Office Officiate Official Officially
Strength Strengthen Strong Strongly
Person Personify Personal Personally
Success Succeed Successful Successfully


Bank Job Solution Guide and Written and MCQ Test Preparation||Sample and Basic Question and Answer on Analogy,Sentence Correction, Finding Non-Matching Words and General Knowledge ||Recruitment Examination Model Test

bank job, bank job preparation and solution guide
Today I am sharing some basic and important  question and answer for Bank job recruitment written test preparation. Here I have included  Analogy, Finding  Non-Matching Words, Sentence Correction and General Knowledge (short questions, mcq type) which will  help you to prepare yourself for any type of bank job, government  or non government job.

As you know  Bank Job written test  is really too much competitive so you must need to see some Basic Question and Answer on Computer and Internet Technology.


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Bank Job Recruitment Examination Preparation Guide || Important MCQ type short question and answer on General Knowledge || International Affairs || Current Affairs of January

current affairs, international affairs, recruitmentToday I am sharing some basic  MCQ  type short  question and answer  on  General Knowledge and International Affairs.  The  Current affairs I have shared here  about the  important  events which occurred in Januay 2011.  Not only Current Affairs, I have shared here some more and basic General knowledge which will guide you and make you updated  for the recruitment examination test preparation.

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Just read them below and keep yourself updated.


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Bank job preparation and solution : Appropriate English Use, Correct Spelling, Appropriate Meaning of Words, Correct Sentence, General Knowledge and Current Affairs

bank job preparationToday I am sharing you some more sample question and answer  regarding Bank Job Preparation. If you are preparing yourself   to start your career in banking sector then this section is helpful for you.  Not  only for  Banking Sector this section is also helpful for  any type of   Recruitment Examination. So read them below and Prepare yourself.

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Bank Job Solution MCQ and Written test preparation: Fill in the gaps || Analogy || General Knowledge|| Language and Communication skill

bank job solution and preparationHere I am sharing some more and important question and answer for bank job recruitment preparation. It will also help you to prepare yourself   for  any type of  written or MCQ test examination. Here I have included Language and Communication skill, fill in the gaps, analogy and General Knowledge.  Read them below and  boost your knowledge.

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Banking Job Solution and MCQ or Written test preparation: Some more and Important One Word Substitution || Sentence Compression ||Replacement of Word

one word substitution, sentence compression, replacement of wordToday I am sharing some more  and Important one word substitution or  sentence compression. This section is very important for  the Banking Job MCQ and Written test preparation. Also you may  check   some more One Word Substitution and Sentence Compression Just read them below and prepare yourself more.

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Executive officer recruitment test sample question and answer|| Appropriate use of words, fill in the gaps, correct spelling, Correct form of sentences and word formation

executive officerThe following  sample and basic question and answer  I have collected for you from the Far East Life Insurance  Company and today I am sharing it with you. The question pattern in Insurance company is similar to Bank Recruitment exam. So it is helpful for those who are preparing to develop their career in the banking sector.  Students, who are preparing  for any type of admission test is also helpful for them. Read them Below and Prepare Yourself.

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Probationary Officer recruitment exam preparation for Banking sector job|| Spelling correction, Synonyms, General knowledge and fill in the gaps.

bank job recruitmen exam for probationary officer

If you have that level of enthusiasm to build your career in banking job then this section is for you.Here I have  shared some basic question and answer  on Spelling Correction, Fill in the gaps, General Knowledge  and Synonyms which will help you to boost your preparation for the probationary officer recruitment exam.  You may also like to read about Basic Question and answer on Internet  Technology.So, start reading from the line below and make you  more competitive in the recruitment exam.

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Euro currency : List of Countries who are using Euro coins

Countries where Euro coins are using1st January  2011, Estonia changes over to  the Euro  which is the  single European currency . By this adoptation of Euro coins, Estonia becomes the 17th country in the world where Euro is using. The former currency of Estonia was Kroon and now it is exchanged into Euros.   Here I am sharing you the list of countries where Euro Coins  are using.

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Recruitment Exam Written Test Question and Answer: Replacement of Word, Appropriate preposition, Spelling Correction and General Knowledge.

bank job preparationToday I am sharing some basic question and answer of bank recruitment exam for probationary officer which I have collected from the Mercantile Bank Recruitment examination 2008. Here I have mentioned some of the questions with answer from the  grammatical section i.e Replacement of Word, Appropriate preposition, spelling correction and General Knowledge.


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