Written and MCQ test Preparation: Sentence correction|| wrong use of case||Grammar

sentence correction wrong use of caseToday I will share you about another form of Sentence correction especially about wrong use of case. Helpful for those who are  students, preparing for job recruitment exam and written and MCQ test. Just read the examples below and boost your knowledge.

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Written Exam Preparation: Sentence Correction||Wrong use of article|| Choose the correct Sentence

Sentence Correction and Wrong use of article

As you know Sentence Correction becomes a part and parcel in the written test for university admission, recruitment examination, Bank job examination and Job Interview questions and answer. Today I am sharing some sentence correction related to wrong use of Article.  I have a wish to share more about other types of sentence correction. Just Check Out the examples of sentence correction or wrong use of articles below.

Recruitment Exam Written Test Preparation||Sentence Compression or One Word Substitution|| For Bank Job, University Admission, MCQ Test and More.

 One Word Substitution

  • One leaving his native country to settle in another     – Emigrant

  • One coming to a foreign land to settle there     –  Immigrant

  • One always doubting             -Sceptic

  • One who speaks for others      -Spokesman
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Question and Answer from Bank Job Recruitment Written Test or MCQ examination|| International Affairs, Grammar, Science and Technology, English Literature||For Probationary officer, officer cash, senior officer.

Bank Job BangladeshToday I am sharing you some Question and  answer for Bank Recruitment Written Test.

 Here I have shared question and answer from  International Affairs, fill in the gaps, English Literature.  This section is very important for Bank job or any other type of  Government or Non-Government Recruitment examination.  You may also like to check Basic Question and Answer on Computer and Internet TechnologyCheck  Below the Question and Answer.

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Basic Job Written Test preparation: Sentence Correction, voice and speech change, single word substitution, fill in the gaps and synonyms|| For Bank Recruitment, Government Job and University admission

Today I am sharing you some more and Basic  Sentence Correction, Voice and Speech change, One word substitution/ sentence compression, fill in the gaps and Synonyms.

This section is helpful for the Bank recruitment preparation, Written Test for Government job, University admission Test and More. 


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Bank Job Recruitment Written Test Preparation: One Word Substitution / Sentence Compression

bank job written test one word substitutionHere I am sharing you another important part, one word substitution / compression of sentence, of recruitment exam written test. I found this occurred in many written exam of Bank Probationary Officer Recruitment Test.


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Recruitment Exam written test: Right form of Verb, voice, narration, sentence correction and appropriate preposition. Part-2.

bank job preparationHere I am sharing the 2nd part of  question and answer on Job Recruitment exam written test. Here I have included Right Use of verb, Appropriate Preposition, Voice, Narration and Sentence correction. All of these  are necessary  for the recruitment examination.

Helpful for : students, bank job preparation, recruitment exam written test and more.

You will also like to check Recruitment Exam Written Test Exam Part-1.

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Bank Job Preparation for International Affairs and General Knowledge || Probationary Officer /Executive written or MCQ test.

International Affairs Here I am sharing  you some  Question and Answer on International Affair which is helpful for the Bank Job Examination or any type Recruitment and  Admission Test. You may also like to see RecruimentExamination Grammatical Section.

(Source: Collected from Bangladesh Shilpa Bank Recruitment Examination)


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Recruitment Examination Preparation||English Literature||List of Famous Novel, Short Story, Play and their Writers ||Part-2

english novelsToday I am sharing you the 2nd part of famous novel, short story, play and their writers. If you want, you can check also  the 1st Part of this topic.

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Recruitment Exam Preparation:English Literature|| Famous Novel, Short Story,Play and their Writers.

Job Interview question on English LiteratureFor a long time I have shared   Fill in the blanks with Appropriate preposition, today I am sharing you English Literature basic question and answers related to Famous novels and their writers. Those who are preparing for the recruitment exam or any type of University admission  then this section will be helpful for them. You may also like to know more about Basic Computer and Internet Technology  questions and answer which generally comes in the recruitment and any type of admission test.  Read them Below.


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