Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition: For Students||Recruitment Examination||Job|| Interview

Student should be aware of their duties.

I delivered his letter to his mother.

We should always be clear of our debts.

He sticks at nothing.

He contended with a strong rival.

Jim was burned with a family.

He is independent of my  help.

Mr.karim is expert in english.

He is implicated in the plot.

Man must submit to his fate.

He immersed in debt.

His honesty is deserving of praise.

I have no hope for success.

Smoking  is detrimental to health.

I heard of you with him.

We should not quarrel with one another.

He guarded me from their attack.

The case was referred to Police for inquiry.

The jug is full of water.

I certify to his honesty.

I am convinced of your honesty.

I am grateful to him for his help.

He is deficient in learning.

He is good for nothing.

The child is delighted with this toy.

Do not brood so much over your misfortune.

Death snatched him at the prime of life.

He told it in jest.

Your advice is uncalled for.

I can die for your eyes only.

I do it for a few dollars more.

She cut me to the heart.

She was all but drowned.

Catch me if you can.

Try to get the most of it.

I differed from his wishes.

Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions|| Read it and Boost your knowledge

Bank Job written ExamThe more you read, the more you will be able to make yourself competent for the Competitive Job Recruitment Examination.Today, I am sharing with you the following fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions which  is obviously a  helpful resource for the students, Bank recruitment examination, private job interview and any type of government job recruitment examination.

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Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Bank Job Preparation: Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Preposition || Srilanka, India, Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal and Bhutan Bank Interview Question with answer.

I am related to him.He is prone to idleness.

We are ready for departure.

He was sentenced to death.

He has recovered from his illness.

I am sanguine of success.

I have no regard for him.

He is indifferent to my interest.

He guessed at the truth.

His name is included in the list.

The point is immaterial to our case.

The idea never occured to me.

Rony is immersed in debt.

Khaleda was married to Tawfiq.

He is lame of one leg.

I invited him to dinner.

A bear issued from the forest.

He is mad with anger.

This surface is level with that.

Everybody longs for happiness.

He meditated upon the folly of his action.

I shall not play with you.

The man robbed me of  my all.

He was sad at his misconduct.

I have no respect for him.

A mosque is sacred to a muslim.

Your action is a stain upon your character.

A lazy boy is always diffident of success.

The girl stared at me.

We are ready to die for our country.

I approved of his action.

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Bank Job Written Test Preparation

Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Pubali Bank Job Questions: Fill in the Blanks

Every mother has affection  for her child.

Idleness is bar to success in life.

 He made a comment on my proposal.

 I have no hostility to my neighbor.

 The girl has proficiency in music.

 He is angry at my conduct.

It is good to abstain from smoking.

 The girl has no ability of painting.

Geysers have often been compared to volcanoes because they both emit hot liquids from below the earth’s surface.

By the end of the twenty-first century, the computer will have become a necessity in every home.

Charlie Chaplin was a comedian who was best known for his work in silent movies.

Hydrozen peroxide is used as a bleaching agent because  it effectively whitens a variety  of fibres and surfaces.

Hybrids have one more ear of corn per plant than the other varieties.

A desert receives less than twenty-five centimeters of rainfall every year.

Money contributed to a political campaign should be used for political purpose and nothing else.

There is a common tendency among software users to prefer foreign software to local ones.

Volcanic activities have also resulted in the creation of large land masses, contrary to the popular impression of their sheer destructive potential.

Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Mercantile Bank recruitment exam question: Fill in the Blanks

Omi was angry at the result.

Mr. Mehedi welcomed the delegates to the conference.

I can give you no assurance of help.

The committee had an inquiry into the case.

The girl has no ability of painting.

The traditional method of rice cultivation leads to a yield of about 700 kg/acre of Amon Paddy.

On the night before the exam, she was seen poring over the books.

Your work is more important than your games.

It is wise for you to study properly.

She prides  herself on her beauty.

I could not convince him of his mistakes.

Bangladesh abounds with rivers.

He refrained from passing any comment.

Recruitment Exam:Fill in the Blanks

Recruitment Exam English section: Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition.

If you ever faced any type of Banking or government job recruitment exam, then this section will be helpful for you.

Here I have tried to share basic fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions which generally arrives in the recruitment exam English section.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition:


  • She said nothing in reply.


  • Shut the windows and keep the cold off.


  • He is too miserly to part with his money.


  • You must conform to the regulations.


  • Contrary to our expectations, he failed in the examination.


  • He assured me of safety.


  • He was at a loss for words.


  • He parted from his friends in tears.


  • The tree has been blown away by the strong wind.


  • I shall adhere to my plan.


  • Kamal repented of his wrong doing.


  • Rahim does not count on my help.


  • Children are warned of danger.


  • Can you put me up for the weekend?


  • I am not good at translation.


  • The team is made up of eleven players.


  • The minister arrived at a decision last night


  • The man died from over eating.


  • He has been ill since Friday last.


  • The cow feeds on grass.


  • One should cling to one’s plan.


  • My opinion coincided with you.


  • Put off your shoes before entering the mosque.


  • He divided the money between the two children.


  • We are on holiday next week.


  • The house was on fire, because the heater had overturned.


  • It is exactly 5 p.m by my watch.


  • I told him to come to the house.


  • The girl has no ability of painting.


  • She has anxiety about her child.


  • Mr.Karim welcomed the delegats to the conference.


  • The principal had an inquiry into the case.


  • Please put the book at the table.


  • I was angry at the result.