Time Zone issue: Local time to US or Canada (Pacific and Eastern ), Australia and New Zealand time converter using html and jquery

local time to US Pacific Eastern Australia or New zealand time converter

If you are working to convert the local time to US or Canada (Pacific and Eastern ), Australia or New Zealand time then you can use this code. Though using the same code and logic you can convert your local time to any Time Zone specific time.
This code is for advanced users and has 3(three) part. 1) Jquery part 2) HTML part 3) CSS part.

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WordPress Web Development Tricks.How to add Drop down – Combo Box type Category List Box Just Below the Header Image/Header Navigation Menus in your blog or websites.


Before I have discussed Theme Bueno by Woo Themes CSS Style sheet Modification. Today I am going to show you how to add drop down Category Box just beneath the Header Image or Header Navigation Menus or Whereever you want. Though I have implemented this technique in Theme Bueno by Woo Theme.But you can easily implement this procedure in any of the theme you want to use.

The whole process I have described pictorially. Just Copy the code below and paste it according to the direction in the given image.

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How to increase Alexa ranking, increase Google Page Rank and SEO: Get thousands of organic traffic per day || increase website visitor or traffic || For new Blog or website

How to make 10,000-20,000 organic traffics  a day very easily!

 google alexa page rank increase
To make a simple straight forward guide that anyone can follow that will make at least 5,000 organic traffics or more easily per day for anyone’s website instead of SEO skills.

The procedure I am sharing with you is helpful for the Webpage or website or blog which is new or want to build their site ranking high in Alexa, Google or any other search engine. So, if you want to increase your Alexa ranking, Google page rank and want to increase visitor or traffic in your site or blog then it will obviously help you.
Just remind that, this technique will help you to get organic traffic or visitor without costing any money and you don’t need any SEO knowledge. Alright so here’s a way for you to make your website with a lot of free organic traffics while you sleep.
You need about half day of work if that and the ability to leave your computer on. Just follow the steps at below in order to get more traffics for your site:-

HTML5 Video Tag Problem in IE:How to Play video in webpage or blog–Code Included

HTML5 Video support and play on IEFor a long time I was searching for a way to play video on a webpage or blog, I found HTML5 introduces new <video> tag, but the main problem till it is not supported by the most of the browsers. After a long I have got a solution to play HTML5 video on a page. Here I am going to share with you another solution by which you can  play your mp4 video file on your page or blog, here HTML5 <video> tag is used. Don’t worry about the browser support, if browser doesn’t support it then it will be played as MP4 by the flash player. Just copy the code  below and paste it on your webpage or blog.

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Detect HTML5 attribute:How to implement and use autofous attribute in IE7 and IE8.

HTML5 Video tag supports on IE 8As we know the new HTML5 autofocus attribute helps  the browser to give focus to the form element. It helps to jump to the autofocused input box while our page loads.While I was checking that <input> autofocus attribute in my browser (I am using IE8) I found that IE8  is not detecting that attribute.But, I have got a solution, a tricky and way, to use and implement  autofocus attribute in IE8. Just copy the given code and save it as .html  file and check it.

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Internet Explorer 7, 8 (IE 7, 8) HTML-5 Video tag support: Play your video in a tricky way.

HTML5 Video tag supports on IE 8HTML-5 is resourceful in many ways but most of the browsers don’t support it. You may know that IE 8 and IE-7 doesn’t support HTML-5 <video> tag. But I have got a solution to play video file (ogv format) in a tricky way. The process is tricky but not too much smart. I have given the code below.

Just copy the given code and paste it in your notepad and save it as HTML file. Now run the HTML file you will get the result. If you use Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 (or later) you will get the accurate result. I have given below the images which I have tested on my pc using  IE-8 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 browser.

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Web Development: How to show another webpage or blog in your own blog or page.


I have found two solutions to show another webpage into your own blog or webpage.

Solution-1: Using   iframe:


Here is the code just paste it in your blog or page.



<iframe name=”Wordpress” src=”http://www.freesmsinfo.wordpress.com&#8221; frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”auto” height=”200″ width=”500″> <href=”http://www.freesmsinfo.wordpress.com”></a&gt;




Important Notes on iframe:

This solution is better for those who are using   free WordPress blog or BlogSpot, whatever it is, and want to show other blog or page into theirs.

In various forums I found that the content of the page displayed    by   iframe will not be indexed by Google so   it is not SEO friendly

iframe may  also used to show adds on your page or blog.

Solution-2: Using   PHP:

 The following code is SEO friendly and the page displayed by using  PHP  include() function, will be indexed by Google.


<?php include(“menu.php”); ?>