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Create Custom Post type and Category (taxonomy) for your Yoga, Teaching, travel, portfolio ,booking or gym workout based site

Just paste the following Code in your theme’s function.php

In the following Code, I have created Instruction post type with Weeks taxonomy (category) for one of my client. He requested me to show his workout plan based on Week and Day basis. So Just change the Name of Post type and taxonomy and save it.

function instruction_post_type_register(){


'label'=> 'Instructions',
'public' =>true
'labels'=> array(
    'add_new_item'=>'Add New Week',
    'parent_item'=> 'Parent Week'


Feel free to do comments if you need any sort of helps.

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Is your Laptop or computer performing slow? Also MS Word Excel Powerpoint slow to load?

Please read until the end of the post.

In short, here are the issues we generally face in our Laptop or PC

  1. Laptop takes time ( more than a minute ) to boot
  2. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint,  Adobe Photoshop and other software  takes time too open or load.
  3. Jpeg, png and other pictures don’t open instantly when you double click
  4. Videos and games also take time to start

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WordPress Tricks

TwentySeventeen Theme Sidebar in Static Homepage with Comments Form

The main requirement was, to show sidebar in static homepage in twentyseventeen theme with comments form. Check the screenshot


I have created a template,named Home Sidebar for twentyseventeen theme . I am sharing the template with you

Put this template in your twentyseventeen theme folder and use it to create page with sidebar and comments form.

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Contact Form 7 Issues Tricks and Solution

Promo Code or Coupon Code field in Contact Form 7 or changing value based on specific key typed

Few days ago one of my client requested me to implement a promo code field ( screenshot attached) in payment form (which i helped him created using contact form 7) to show a discounted price. I helped him implemented this and sharing you the code.


  1. Here is the Contact form 7 field to use
[text couponcode placeholder "Promo Code"]

<span class="discountedPrice"> </span>

2. Here is the jQuery code ( Use Simple Custom CSS and JS plugins for this)

     jQuery('input[name="couponcode"]').on('input keyup', function(e){	
	let couponcode= jQuery( 'input[name="couponcode"]' ).val().trim(); 



Feel free to do ask comments in the comments box if you face any issue or contact me in skype om2000_cuet.

Contact Form 7 Issues Tricks and Solution

Click on Paypal button or Redirect to Paypal page after successful submssion or mail sent.

Suppose you have a paypal button to collect money or sale product and you want your client to submit Contact form 7 form too. To make that work easy for your client it is wise to redirect your client to paypal payment collection after successful submission of the form. Here is the procedure

  1. Add this plugins Contact Form 7 Redirection

2. Like the image a new tab “Redirect Settings” will be added

3. Like the Screenshot above you can put the External URL or Paypal url and select “Use External URL”

Instead or redirecting to external url or paypal url if you want to Click Automatically to Paypal Payment button, then use this technique

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

please replace this selector button.paypal-button.large with your payment button selector.

If you face issue or need help please do comments in the comments box.

WordPress Tricks

Common CSS For GutenBerg Editor To modify Headers, blockquotes and titles

To change Font size, color and font family of BlockQuote in Gutenberg Editor

blockquote.wp-block-quote, blockquote, blockquote p {
    font-size: 23px !important;
    color: darkred !important;
    font-family: cursive !important;
    font-style: italic !important;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    line-height: 27px !important;

To change header ( say h5) font size, color, italic style, uppercase and more in Gutenberg Editor

.wp-block-column h5 {
    font-size: 20px !important;
    color: darkred;
    font-family: cursive;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    text-align: center;
    font-style: italic;
    border-bottom: 2px solid red;

In Single page if you want to change the Page Titl’e font size, color, uppercase , alignment in Gutenberg Editor ( applicable for single post too)

h1.entry-title {
    font-size: 27px;
    color: darkred !important;
    font-family: cursive !important;
    font-style: italic !important;
    text-transform: uppercase !important;
    text-align: center !important;

WordPress Tricks

Radiate By ThemeGrill : Modifications of Header, Footer, Sidebar, menus,titles and more

Radiate By ThemeGrill is a clean, creative and minimal personal blogging responsive WordPress theme. The theme has full width slider to highlight some of your unique posts and has featured pages section to tell more about you. Just focus on writing beautiful content and everything else will be handled by this theme in a simple manner.

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Missing field “review” “brand” “availability” “url” how i solved it for Woocommerce Products

Recently one of my client ask me to solve the issue which you are seeing in the screenshot. I searched a lot in internet and support forums and found woocommerce has some issue with structured data and I didn’t find any good plugins which can help me solving this.

As woocommerce is generating the structured data, to solve this issue I blocked the “application/ld+json” related code generating by woocommerce. Just do this steps.

  1. Login to dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Plugin Editor
  3. Select Woocommerce
Select Woocommerce

4. Go to \includes\class-wc-structured-data.php

5. Block this line (put // just before this line)

echo '<script type="application/ld+json">' . wc_esc_json( wp_json_encode( $data ), true ) . '</script>'; 

6. Now check again your page / product using this . Issue will not be showing now


If You Have Any Better Solution Feel Free To Let Me Know In The Comments Section