Maxwell By ThemeZee: Change styles of Header, Footer, Menus, contents, sidebar and more

Maxwell By ThemeZee help support customization documentation
Maxwell is a modern Blog Theme for Creatives and Entrepreneurs. With its beautiful typography and thoughtful white space, Maxwell truly helps you to stand out with your content. If you are using premium and business plan you can use it for free.
Here I am sharing you some css customization which can help to style your theme as your own.

You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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Photo Blog A single-column, multicolor, grid-based theme by Automattic: Header, Footer, sidebar, color changes and more

Blogging is a great way to share your story, and sometimes a great photo is all it takes. You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Photo Blog gives you all of the tools you need to tell a beautiful visual story, whether you’re a photography professional, hobbyist, or a mobile phone shutterbug. This single-column, grid-based theme with large featured images makes your pictures pop! You can check Photo Blog Demo Here. You can Get this theme for FREE with Premium or Business plan.

Photo Blog by Automattic tutorial and support

You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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Small Business Theme: modification of header, footer, links, sidebar and more

Running a business is no small task. But with the right tools and support, creating a website doesn’t have to be another chore on your to-do list: enter Small Business, a simple yet powerful theme for small-business owners and entrepreneurs. You can check the demo of Small Business Theme.

theme for small business

Though it cost $5 for free users, but is free to use for  premium and business plan.

Here i am sharing you some trick to make it look outstanding using css styling.

You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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Goran By Automattic: CSS Style Modifications, Support and documentations

Goran is a functional and responsive multi-purpose theme that is the perfect solution for your business’s online presence.

theme goran by automattic

If you are using then you can use the theme for free, or if you are using your own hosting or business plan then you can download it from the link below including child theme.

Goran theme Parent zip download

Goran theme Child theme zip download

I am sharing you css styling modifications using which you can give the Goran theme a new look of your choice.You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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Add SEO text just after the related product in woocommerce product page

SEO Text After Related Product Woocommerce

Here is another short tips using which you can add some sort of SEO text (basically to boost your sales) just after the Related Products in woocommerce single product page. Put the following code as per the direction I mentioned below. If you face any issue feel free to let me know in comments section

/*********** this code will go in your theme’s function.php ***********/

add_filter( 'woocommerce_after_single_product','opc' );
    function opc() {
		echo  '<div id="opct"> YOUR SEO TEXT WILL GO HERE </div>';

/*********** this code will go in your theme’s custom css part ***********/

div#opct {
    font-style: italic!important;
    text-align: center;

Genesis Reposition Breadcrumb: move it before post content to above post title

reposition breadcrumb in genesis theme

This is a short tips, which i solved for one of my client where she asked me to reposition the breadcrumb. In her site the breadcrumb was showing just before content, but she wanted to move it just above the post title. Here is the code, just you need to put in function.php of your genesis theme to achieve the result.

remove_action( 'genesis_before_entry_content', 'genesis_do_breadcrumbs' );

add_action( 'genesis_entry_header', 'genesis_do_breadcrumbs', 9 );

Dyad 2 By Automattic : Modifications, Support and documentations

dyad2 by Automattic documentation and tutorials

Dyad pairs your written content and images together in perfect balance. The theme is geared towards photographers, foodies, artists, and anyone who is looking for a strong photographic presence on their website. You can check Demo of Dyad 2 by Automattic.

If you are using business plan or want to use the dyad2 theme in your hosting you can download the parent and child theme from below links

Dyad 2 By Automattic Parent Theme Download
Dyad 2 By Automattic Child Theme Download

You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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Javascript Code to redirect mobile site depending on screen width: For WordPress or HTML sites

Here is a short piece of code which can help you to redirect your html, wordpress or other site to redirect to additional mobile site while visiting your site from smaller screen (like mobile, tablet,tab etc)

*** if you want to use this code, change the “screen.width” and “YOUR MOBILE SITE URL” value as per your requirement.

<script type="text/javascript">
if(window.location.hash != '#mobile=off') {
if (screen.width <= 1023) {
document.location =

Woocommerce product remain published but keep it hidden from product or search loops

If you want to keep your woocommerce product remain published but want to make it hidden or not to show in product loop, then select this option in your product page editor.

product not to show in loop but remain published wordpress woocommerce

Rosalie By SiloCreativo : Modification of header, footer, borders, backgrounds, fonts,contents, colors and more

Rosalie is an elegant, minimalistic and responsive modern WordPress theme built specifically for bloggers who love craft, lifestyle, fashion and generally are cool people. Designed for You can check Roaslie by Silo Creative theme demo.  Here I am sharing you some css customization which you can use to give your site a new look. The theme comes free with premium plan and business plan.  You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

wordpress theme rosalie modifications documentation support customization css help

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