Steps and plugins to Secure your wordpress site

wordpress-security1. Change User Name: The first important fact you need to notice for your site security is “Admin User Name”. If your wordpress (wp-admin) “username” is “admin” please change it to a different one.

2. Password Strength: Please make your password more strong. For example joy-mpp*#bD@23 Or x^87F7O5p}#4TF6 something like that. This will make your password more strong and secured.

3. WordPress Version Update : Please always keep your wordpress version updated . Because, wordpress generally solved the previous issues in the latest version.
Please keep in mind, take a backup of your wordpress site (wordpress +database) while updating.

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Create website for photographers, artists, and graphic designers using The Rebalance Theme by Automattic :Documentation, Support and customization

the Rebalance Theme by Automattic 3 column theme

The Rebalance Theme by Automattic is a new 3 column theme. You can check the Rebalance theme demo here. Previously I shared Rowling theme Modifications which is a 2 column site. But I showed how to make it 3 columns too ( in the Rowling theme’s comments section).

Here I have shared the Rebalance theme modifications using which you give your Rebalance theme a new look.

Download Rebalance theme by Automattic.

You can use my shared code and ask question in the comments section.

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Before i shared 2016(twenty sixteen) theme modification. Today I want to share you some more modifications of the latest Theme Revelar By Automattic.Revelar is a single-column blogging theme, designed to showcase your gorgeous photography and highlight your writing, while providing an immersive experience for your visitors. If you are trying to do changes the color, styles, titles or more just copy the code i have shared here and paste it in your custom css option.
If you need any help feel free to do comments to ask questions.

Theme Revelar by automattic

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