Recruitment Exam Written Test Question and Answer: Replacement of Word, Appropriate preposition, Spelling Correction and General Knowledge.

bank job preparationToday I am sharing some basic question and answer of bank recruitment exam for probationary officer which I have collected from the Mercantile Bank Recruitment examination 2008. Here I have mentioned some of the questions with answer from the  grammatical section i.e Replacement of Word, Appropriate preposition, spelling correction and General Knowledge.


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Recruitment Exam written test: Right form of Verb, voice, narration, sentence correction and appropriate preposition. Part-2.

bank job preparationHere I am sharing the 2nd part of  question and answer on Job Recruitment exam written test. Here I have included Right Use of verb, Appropriate Preposition, Voice, Narration and Sentence correction. All of these  are necessary  for the recruitment examination.

Helpful for : students, bank job preparation, recruitment exam written test and more.

You will also like to check Recruitment Exam Written Test Exam Part-1.

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Bank Recruitment MCQ or Written Test Grammatical Section|| Fill in the blanks

Recruitment Test Written ExamToday I am sharing you some more Fill in the Blanks (Related to English Grammar)which will help you to make more competitive for the Bank Recruitment Test or any type of  written /MCQ examination. If you are heart and soul preparing yourself for the recruitment examination then you do also need some basic knowledge on Computer and Internet Technology. Check the computer question and  answer .

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Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-1.

computer,technology,tech, internetClick Here for  Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2Have you ever faced Bank Recruitment exam? Are you trying or preparing yourself for Government job?

If you are trying to build up your career then this section will be helpful for you.

In any type of Recruitment examination you will be asked to answer various types of questions. For example: General Knowledge, Basic English, Analytical, Computer and Technology, Basic Computer Knowledge, Basic Computer questions etc.

So, whatever the question you may face, but, questions regarding Basic Computer Knowledge and Technology  becomes  common in most of the recruitment examination.

In Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Most of the countries of the world, either in Bank or in any type of  Government or Nongovernment (Private Sector) recruitment examination, question regarding Basic Computer and Technology is must.

Here, I have tried to share some basic interview questions regarding Basic Computer and Technology with solutions which will help you to prepare yourself in the recruitment exam and also will boost your preparation by providing basic computer knowledge.

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