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Written Exam Preparation: Sentence Correction||Wrong use of article|| Choose the correct Sentence

Sentence Correction and Wrong use of article

As you know Sentence Correction becomes a part and parcel in the written test for university admission, recruitment examination, Bank job examination and Job Interview questions and answer. Today I am sharing some sentence correction related to wrong use of Article.  I have a wish to share more about other types of sentence correction. Just Check Out the examples of sentence correction or wrong use of articles below.
Recruitment Exam Question Bank

Recruitment Exam Preparation:English Literature|| Famous Novel, Short Story,Play and their Writers.

Job Interview question on English LiteratureFor a long time I have shared   Fill in the blanks with Appropriate preposition, today I am sharing you English Literature basic question and answers related to Famous novels and their writers. Those who are preparing for the recruitment exam or any type of University admission  then this section will be helpful for them. You may also like to know more about Basic Computer and Internet Technology  questions and answer which generally comes in the recruitment and any type of admission test.  Read them Below.


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