BCS General Science Preparation for Preli (Preliminary)examination.

BCS PreparationToday I want to share some more mcq type question and answer based on General Science for BCS Preli test Preparation.

The following short question and answer are really important for any type of recruitment examination which you will face evertytime.

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 **(You must have SolaimanLipi font installed in your computer to see the Bengali Font perfectly )

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BCS Exam and Government Job Preparation Bangladesh(BD): List of Foreign Words used in Bangla (Bengali)Language.

bcs preparationToday I want to share you some bengali words which are adopted from the foreign languages and we are using in our day today life and becomes the part of our mother tongue, for example:French,Persian,Turkish,Burmese,Chinese,Greek,Portugeese and more.

Here I have tried to mention the shortcut technique to memorize these bengali words easily.

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বাংলা সাহিত্য কর্ম –মনে রাখার সহজ উপায় পর্ব-১

বাংলা সাহিত্য কর্ম –মনে রাখার সহজ উপায় পর্ব-২

শিখণ্ডী খাড়া করা (প্রবাদটির উৎস ও অর্থ)

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GRE Examination Preparation – English Vocabulary and WordList with Bangla(Bengali) meaning || English To Bangla || Part-5.

GRE WordList English to BengaliHere I am sharing  some more GRE English  Wordlist (Vocabulary) with their Bengali (Bangla) meanings. It is the 5th Part of my share.  You must have SolaimanLipi font installed in your computer to see the Bangla font I have used to show Bangla in my Site. Hope this share will help you to make your GRE Vocabulary more strong and competitive.

Click Here For the followings:

1 1st Part of the GRE WordList (English to Bangla)

2 2nd Part of the GRE WordList (English to Bangla)

3  3rd Part  of the GRE WordList (English to Bangla)

4  4th Part of the GRE WordList (English to Bangla)

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BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service ) examination preparation: Short Cut way to memorize Bangla (Bengali) Literature works- Part -2.

bcs preparationToday  I am sharing you the  2nd Part of the Short-Cut  Techniques or methods to memorize the Bangla Literature works –Novel,Plays  of famous writers.

 Click Here for the 1st Part of the ShortCut Techniques.

 As BCS Preli Examination is knocking at the door, it’s the time to make your preparation  revised.

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2. ব্যাংক জব প্রস্তুতি

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Barrons GRE English to Bangla (Bengali) Wordlist :Build Up your Vocabulary.

GRE wordlist english to bengali Today I am sharing you some Important GRE wordlist with Bengali (Bangla) meaning.As you may know, this GRE wordlist not only help your to build up your vocabulary but it will also help you if you are preparing yourself for Bank Recruitment Examination.

(You must have SolaimanLipi font installed in your computer too see the Bangla font perfectly)

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Java JTextFiled Font: How to show Bangla (Bengali) in JTextField

Here I have share you a solution to show the Bengali (Bangla) font in java JTextField.

Code Example:

import java.awt.*;

import javax.swing.*;

public class BanglaFont extends JFrame


JTextField text2;

                        public BanglaFont()


                        Font displayFont1=new Font(“SutonnyMJ”, Font.BOLD,15);


                        setTitle(“JTextField Font”);


                        JPanel panel=new JPanel();



                        text2=new JTextField(“Kw¤úDUvi”);





                        public static void main(String args[])


                        BanglaFont x=new BanglaFont();




JTextField Font Bangla