Solution of Batch entry 0 insert into postgresql database table, Call getNextException to see the cause|| Learn How to solve this exception or error ||Java PostgreSQL Database Exception.

sun javaHave you ever faced this exception while executing sql query in  your software  or  database?? Well, I am using  Java programming language in the front end and PostGreSQL in the backend i.e. server side. Recently I have faced the following  exception which was showing actually from the database. I searched internet for the solution but didn’t get any reliable solution. But at last I have solved it and sharing the solution procedure with you. Hope it will also work with your problem

Here is the problem (Exception)

Batch entry 0 insert into endproduct_mat_req(item_no,end_product_mat_no,mat_no,qty) values(523,71,44,100000.0) was aborted.  Call getNextException to see the cause

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