Java HashMap Key Set to String ,Array or Vector Convert: Use multiple type (String or Integer) data together as Key Value|| Procedure to retrieve (show) or get individual values from the multiple data type Hash Map key by splitting or breaking || next convert the key into vector.

hashmap key to vector or string array

After a long time I am sharing a post related to Java Programming language. Recently, I have faced a problem while coding   on java HashMap key value set on my job. In my last post I have shown How to show Java HashMap Key value pair and work on it. But the problem I have faced is to convert the Key value set to Vector or String. I used two (2) integer type data, separated with colon, as the key value of my HashMap.  What I need to convert that colon separated key values to individual integer and then convert them or stored them on Vector.

The program given below will show you how to solve such situation.

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