Theme: Choco by .css{mayo} CSS Style Sheet Edit and Modification: A free artwork and journal theme for your wordpress site

theme choco css by mayo

I really like this Choco theme by mayo. It  really seems chocolaty to me. Its astonishing design gives your site a new and glamorous look. So, if you have purchased css upgrade or using Choco theme for your blog or website then the following CSS Style sheet modification will be a great help for you.

Here, I have shown how to modify or edit Header Site Title, Description, Post title, blog content, Right side bar, navigation menu, post meta’s Font type, font color, size and text alignment. Also if you don’t want to show  or hide  Site Title, navigation menu, footer link and RSS link  then also you can get a guide from the  modification below.

** If you need any help  Regarding  CSS ,  feel free to ask me by using the  Comment Box.
Download Choco Theme
Demo of Choco theme 

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