Bank Job Recruitment Examination Preparation Guide || Important MCQ type short question and answer on General Knowledge || International Affairs || Current Affairs of January

current affairs, international affairs, recruitmentToday I am sharing some basic  MCQ  type short  question and answer  on  General Knowledge and International Affairs.  The  Current affairs I have shared here  about the  important  events which occurred in Januay 2011.  Not only Current Affairs, I have shared here some more and basic General knowledge which will guide you and make you updated  for the recruitment examination test preparation.

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Just read them below and keep yourself updated.


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Basic question and answer on Computer and Internet Technology- Part-2

computer technologyHere I am sharing with you some more basic question and answer related to basic computer and Internet technology.

Helpful for: Students, Written Examination, Job Interview Preparation, MCQ Test and Basic Computer Knowledge.

If you have any question Please feel free to ask by using the Comment Box below.

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Recruitment Exam Preparation:English Literature|| Famous Novel, Short Story,Play and their Writers.

Job Interview question on English LiteratureFor a long time I have shared   Fill in the blanks with Appropriate preposition, today I am sharing you English Literature basic question and answers related to Famous novels and their writers. Those who are preparing for the recruitment exam or any type of University admission  then this section will be helpful for them. You may also like to know more about Basic Computer and Internet Technology  questions and answer which generally comes in the recruitment and any type of admission test.  Read them Below.


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Bank Recruitment Examination: Question and Answer on International Affairs || General Knowledge and Quiz on International Affairs.

Here I have tried to include Basic questions and answers on International Affairs General Knowledge which anyone may face in Bank Recruitment exam or in any type of Government or NonGovernment job exam.

  1. Name of the Central Bank of China – The People’s Bank of China


  1. An economist, famous for his research works on poverty and famine named – Amartya Sen


  1. The present name of GATT  is – WTO


  1. The name of Bhutan currency is – Ngulturm


  1. Wall Street is located in New York


  1. IDA organization of the World Bank is known as the – Soft Loan Window


  1. The name of the Central Bank of Malaysia is – Bank Negara Malaysia


  1. The name of the capital of Finland is – Helsinki


  1. The Capital of SwitzerlandBerne


  1. The name of new British Prime MinisterDavid Cameron


  1. The capital of BruneiBandar Seri Begawan


  1. East and West Germany have been unified in the year1990


  1. A city of China called “City of Eternal Spring” named – Kunming


  1. The leader of the Islamic Revolution  in Iran in 1979Imam Khomeni


  1. At present number of the member countries ofINTERPOL” – 188


  1. CIS” stands for – CommonWealth of Independent States


  1. The capital of Australia is – Canberra


  1. The Headquarters of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) –Jeddah


  1. An Asian country belongs to the G-8 countries named – Japan


  1. The waterway separating India and SriLanka is – Palk Strait


  1. One of the South Asian Country where Rate of literacy is highestMaldives


  1. The largest island in the world is Greenland


  1. Only non-Arab Muslim Asian country is a member of OPEC, named – Iran


  1. Name of the Haitian currencyGourde


  1. Name of the Nigerian currencyNaira


  1. The central bank of  the Russian FederationBank of Russia


  1. Constitutional name of NepalFederal Democratic Republic of Nepal


  1. Mention any two country which have no central bankMonacoThe Vatican City


  1. ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is related to – Books and Publications