Job Recruitment Questions on Computer

IT / Computer Related Questions For Government and Bank Jobs

computer,technology,tech, internetBefore i shared Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-1 and Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2. Also i shared Input and Output device lists and Basic question and answer on Computer and Internet Technology. Today I am sharing more IT and Computer Related questions which is important for Banks and Government Jobs.

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Bank Recruitment Exam: Sample Questions on International Affairs

  • Niagra Falls is located in – North America


  • Type of organization is NATO – Military


  • International Labour Organization was established in 1919


  • Green Peace is an Organization dealing with – Environment


  • The next SAARC summit will be held in – Male, Maldives


  • The last SAARC summit was held in Bhutan


  • The city which is known as the City of Canals is – Venice, Italy


  • The country known as the land of midnight sun is  : Norway


  • The biggest desert of the world is – Sahara Desert


  • The World Cup Football 2010 winner : Spain


  • “Lady with the lamp” is Florence Nightingale.


  • Nobel laureate in peace in 2010 – Liu Xiabo


  • “My Life” is the autobiography of – Bill Clinton


  • ” A Journey ” is written by Tony Blair


  • The country with highest population density is – Monaco


  • Ranked the top in 2010 corruption concept index – Somalia


  • South Asian University (SAU) has been established in  New Delhi, India


  • The Headquarter of the  Asian Development Bank is in : Manila


  • The name of Director General of the WTO is Dominic Strauss Kahn


  • Dr. Md Yunus was awarded the Nobel Prize in – Peace


  • Headquarter of IACA (International Anti Orruption Academy)  is in  Laxenburg, Austria


  • Father of Test tube baby: Robert G. Adwards
Job Recruitment Questions on Computer

Job Interview:Basic Computer questions with answer.

If you are searching for interview questions regarding Basic computer and Internet Technology then this section will be helpful for you.World’s most powerful Super Computer? Tihane1

Kaspersky, AVG, McAfee, Symantec, Norton etc are – Antivirus software

Who designed world’s first laptop? Bill Moggridge

Ekush, Sutonny, Susrhee etc are – Bangla Font

The term to ask the computer to put information in order of numerically or alphabetically – Sort

MS Word is -A Word Processing Program.

Yahoo, HotMail, Gmail, MSN are – Email Service Provider

What is Spam? Unwanted email

Who designed first apple computer Apple-1? Steve Ozniak.

What is RockMelt? Web Browser.

LED = Light Emitting Diode

What is Blekko? Search Eengine started from 1st November, 2010

What is WordPress? It’s an open Blogging Platform

Who is the founder of YouTube? Steve Chan and Javed Karim

Which one is the Google’s first mobile phone? Nexus One

Which one is the Google’s first operating system for PC? Google Chrome OS

Which one is the google’s mobile operating system? Android

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