IT / Computer Related Questions For Government and Bank Jobs

computer,technology,tech, internetBefore i shared Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-1 and Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2. Also i shared Input and Output device lists and Basic question and answer on Computer and Internet Technology. Today I am sharing more IT and Computer Related questions which is important for Banks and Government Jobs.

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Basic Job Written Test preparation: Sentence Correction, voice and speech change, single word substitution, fill in the gaps and synonyms|| For Bank Recruitment, Government Job and University admission

Today I am sharing you some more and Basic  Sentence Correction, Voice and Speech change, One word substitution/ sentence compression, fill in the gaps and Synonyms.

This section is helpful for the Bank recruitment preparation, Written Test for Government job, University admission Test and More. 


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Pubali Bank Job Questions: Fill in the Blanks

Every mother has affection  for her child.

Idleness is bar to success in life.

 He made a comment on my proposal.

 I have no hostility to my neighbor.

 The girl has proficiency in music.

 He is angry at my conduct.

It is good to abstain from smoking.

 The girl has no ability of painting.

Geysers have often been compared to volcanoes because they both emit hot liquids from below the earth’s surface.

By the end of the twenty-first century, the computer will have become a necessity in every home.

Charlie Chaplin was a comedian who was best known for his work in silent movies.

Hydrozen peroxide is used as a bleaching agent because  it effectively whitens a variety  of fibres and surfaces.

Hybrids have one more ear of corn per plant than the other varieties.

A desert receives less than twenty-five centimeters of rainfall every year.

Money contributed to a political campaign should be used for political purpose and nothing else.

There is a common tendency among software users to prefer foreign software to local ones.

Volcanic activities have also resulted in the creation of large land masses, contrary to the popular impression of their sheer destructive potential.

Job Interview Questions on basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2.

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Question:  Which one is the computer’s own language?

Answer:     Low level language which is written in binary

Question: What is the meaning of URL?

Answer:   Uniform resource locator.

Question: When Microprocessor was invented?

Answer:    In 1971

Question: What is UNIX?

Answer:   Operating System

Question: What is the meaning of Fat?

Answer:    File allocation table

Question: What is Adobe Photoshop?

Answer :   Photo Editing Software.

Question: What is Windows?

Answer :  Operating System by Microsoft

Question: What is Laptop?

Answer : Small portable computer

Question:Who invented punch card?

Answer:  Joseph Marie Jacquard

Question: What is SIMM?

Answer:   Single Inline Memory Module

Question: What is the short name of binary math?

Answer:    bit

Question: What is ROM?

Answer:    Read Only Memory.

Question: What is RAM?

Answer:    RAM= Random Access Memory

Question: Which is the  first computer in Bangladesh?

Answer:  IBM-1620 series

Question: Where the computer museum is situated?

Answer:    in USA

Question:  What does BIOS  means?

Answer:    Basic Input Output System

Question:  Which one is the brain of computer?

Answer:    Micro Processor

Question: Who is the father of modern computer?

Answer:   Charles Babbage

Question:  What is the name of first personal computer?

Answer:    Sphere 1 (according to WikiPedia)