Written Exam Preparation: Sentence Correction||Wrong use of article|| Choose the correct Sentence

Sentence Correction and Wrong use of article

As you know Sentence Correction becomes a part and parcel in the written test for university admission, recruitment examination, Bank job examination and Job Interview questions and answer. Today I am sharing some sentence correction related to wrong use of Article.  I have a wish to share more about other types of sentence correction. Just Check Out the examples of sentence correction or wrong use of articles below.

Bank Recruitment MCQ or Written Test Grammatical Section|| Fill in the blanks

Recruitment Test Written ExamToday I am sharing you some more Fill in the Blanks (Related to English Grammar)which will help you to make more competitive for the Bank Recruitment Test or any type of  written /MCQ examination. If you are heart and soul preparing yourself for the recruitment examination then you do also need some basic knowledge on Computer and Internet Technology. Check the computer question and  answer .

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Basic question and answer on Computer and Internet Technology.

computer and Internet TechnologyThe main aim of this sharing is only to boost your knowledge on Computer and Internet Technology. Also, those who are preparing for the Bank or any type of Recruitment examination, this section will be great resource for them.

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Bank Job Preparation: Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Preposition || Srilanka, India, Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal and Bhutan Bank Interview Question with answer.

I am related to him.He is prone to idleness.

We are ready for departure.

He was sentenced to death.

He has recovered from his illness.

I am sanguine of success.

I have no regard for him.

He is indifferent to my interest.

He guessed at the truth.

His name is included in the list.

The point is immaterial to our case.

The idea never occured to me.

Rony is immersed in debt.

Khaleda was married to Tawfiq.

He is lame of one leg.

I invited him to dinner.

A bear issued from the forest.

He is mad with anger.

This surface is level with that.

Everybody longs for happiness.

He meditated upon the folly of his action.

I shall not play with you.

The man robbed me of  my all.

He was sad at his misconduct.

I have no respect for him.

A mosque is sacred to a muslim.

Your action is a stain upon your character.

A lazy boy is always diffident of success.

The girl stared at me.

We are ready to die for our country.

I approved of his action.

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Bank Job Written Test Preparation

Mercantile Bank recruitment exam question: Fill in the Blanks

Omi was angry at the result.

Mr. Mehedi welcomed the delegates to the conference.

I can give you no assurance of help.

The committee had an inquiry into the case.

The girl has no ability of painting.

The traditional method of rice cultivation leads to a yield of about 700 kg/acre of Amon Paddy.

On the night before the exam, she was seen poring over the books.

Your work is more important than your games.

It is wise for you to study properly.

She prides  herself on her beauty.

I could not convince him of his mistakes.

Bangladesh abounds with rivers.

He refrained from passing any comment.

Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-1.

computer,technology,tech, internetClick Here for  Job Recruitment Questions on Basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2Have you ever faced Bank Recruitment exam? Are you trying or preparing yourself for Government job?

If you are trying to build up your career then this section will be helpful for you.

In any type of Recruitment examination you will be asked to answer various types of questions. For example: General Knowledge, Basic English, Analytical, Computer and Technology, Basic Computer Knowledge, Basic Computer questions etc.

So, whatever the question you may face, but, questions regarding Basic Computer Knowledge and Technology  becomes  common in most of the recruitment examination.

In Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Most of the countries of the world, either in Bank or in any type of  Government or Nongovernment (Private Sector) recruitment examination, question regarding Basic Computer and Technology is must.

Here, I have tried to share some basic interview questions regarding Basic Computer and Technology with solutions which will help you to prepare yourself in the recruitment exam and also will boost your preparation by providing basic computer knowledge.

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