Recruitment Exam Preparation : Basic and Important Terms for Telecommunication Sector, Mobile Technology and Mobile communication|| For Bank, Government and other job interview

mobile and telecommunication technologyAs you know  Mobile Technology is advancing in the whole world. Now we  can reach the whole world in our hand held mobile device through Mobile Internet. Here I  have tried to share some basic and important terms  related to Mobile and Telecommunication Technology. These Terms are important for the Bank  Probationary Officer Recruitment Examination,     Government Job and Non- Government Job,      Written or MCQ test preparation.

Read them below and Know the Telecommunication sector:

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BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) Preli Test –Examination Preparation on Bangladesh Matters || About Bangladesh – 2nd Part

bangladesh civil service BCSToday I am sharing you some more question and answer regarding BCS Preli test preparation  on Bangladesh Matters.

It is the 2nd part of MCQ  type short question with answer regarding this topic. You can check the Bangladesh Matters 1st Part.

আরো দেখতে পারেন

১)ব্যাংক  রিক্রুটমেন্ট -ইংরেজী প্রস্তুতি

২)বেসিক কম্পিউটার এন্ড ইন্টারনেট টেকনোলজী

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